Monday, June 21, 2010

Face Tattoos

With so many areas of the body to choose from, one might wonder why anybody would actually do the unthinkable and get a face tattoo.

Different strokes for different folks is what somebody once said, however i think facial tattoo are directly related to lack of adolescent hugs.

Mike Tyson tribal famous face tattoo.
Man with complete face and neck design.
Skull with piercings.
Colorful completely covered.
Superhero idea.
Dozens of tiny stars facial.
Tribal half.

Chest Tattoos

Chest tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among both men and women alike, and some of the most common tattoo designs we've seen are flowers, hearts, birds and stars among other cosmic artwork.

This photo gallery displays some exceptionally nice chest tattoos which might help you decide on a style for your own personal design. Enjoy the pics.

Birds and snake.
Cross and birds.
Dragon flower and flames design.
Queen of pain artwork.
Love and hate with eagle.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Butt Tattoos

With so many areas of the human body to get a tattoo, there isn't exactly a shortage of good locations, however many people are choosing their butt as a prime piece of real estate for a tattoo design.

Naturally we think girls wnuld be the gender interested in getting a butt tattoo, perhaps for the sex appeal it draws, however we've seen a startling amount of men who are also venturing into the realm of rear end artwork.
Face on cheek tattoo.
Mathcing swallow birds.
Cartoon seven dwarfs hard at work.
Girl with spank me daddy.
Pacman arcade fun.
Baby cupid.
Dog paw print on left cheek.