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big sean album cover 2011

images ig sean album cover 2011. We are excited for Big Sean#39;sjcrajput10-19 10:24 AMplease help. wallpaper We are excited for Big Sean#39;s ig sean album cover 2011.ArunAntonio09-18 10:55 AMthanks for the updates, keep em coming... may be a little longer and clearer this time ;)ig sean album 2011. coverdesigirl12-01 09:55 AMFolks, Here's my situation: Eb2 India (PD of 24th May 2006), filed

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images makeup selena gomez who says makeup selena gomez who says music selena gomez who says music video dress.kirupa09-28 07:43 PMNo, you can't use JS to detect what permissions-level the logged-in user is running their OS on. :) wallpaper makeup selena gomez who says music selena gomez who says music video dress. hot Samequot; Music Videoloudobbs08-28 04:56 PMHi I am planning on using AC21

amber rose and wiz khalifa

images Amber Rose has thanked Wiz makeup Amber Rose amp; Wizjamsumfarray10-27 10:38 AMHi My gc was filled in nov 2002 from newjersey which has gone to the backlog center in news after my 45 day letter which i got in june .... 1.I was wonderign if i could change my lawyer now ...and if i could change my gc processing from non rir to rir ? 2.What the odds of changing from non rir to

brad paisley family photos

images Brad Paisley Brad Paisley and his wife,buddyinus08-11 01:55 AMI buy your words, I think they are working half day on saturdays Guyz just chill!!! How doz it even matter...Nothingz in our hands now...V have done our bit and let us let them do their bit. One shud appreciate the USCIS' efforts to bring about a temporary solution to the long wait. Atleast things r happening. Guyz, this

target field logo

images Hubert,s Target Field, the vintage Twins logo… itInTheMoment09-12 01:02 AMName Check is usually sent a week after ones I-485 ND. I have obeserved this for several cases including mine. Contrary to popular belief, there is no relation between the time a Name Check is initiated and FP. They are independent. How did you know the Name check status ? Did you call USCIS ? It is interesting

lego world of warcraft characters

images The evil characters that will World of Warcraft Virtualkatrina05-09 07:17 PMBelow are the list that I have from my lawyer to prepare my I-485 : 1. for Evidence of status you need a Copy of Last Entry I-94 non immigrant arrival/departure record, showing your admission to the US and current status. (Front and back, make sure the date is clear to see) 2. To show that you are always in

weeds season 6 cover art

images weeds season 6 cover art. dresses weeds season 6 finale.sukhwinderd11-15 04:00 PMhas anyone thought about this : if DREAM act passes. children staying here illegally will be able to sponsor GC for their parents staying here illegally, after 5 years. and we will still be DREAMing about our GCs. wallpaper dresses weeds season 6 finale. hair Weeds Season 6 Dvd CoverAmericanDreamZ10-02 04:

charlie sheen house pictures

images Charlie Sheen. Rate It: Charlie Sheen Back To Maritalkumar108-08 09:45 AMMy check bounced...I did not have enough money in my bank account. What to do? I am so confused. wallpaper Charlie Sheen Back To Marital Charlie Sheen#39;s House GotjustAnotherFile01-31 07:21 PM...Charlie Sheen#39;s House Raidedgcformeornot03-24 10:04 AMCheck attachment.2011 Charlie Sheen#39;s House Got at Charlie

the voice judges perform

images the voice judges perform. The new talent show #39;TheMichael chertoff09-30 08:41 PMDude not all 2004's got cleared..i am still waiting for approval and many more like me are still out there waiting to get greened..dont know when we will be approved..hopeing to get next month..:mad: Brother . this month you all will get of luck MC wallpaper The new talent show #39;The We

satellite north korea at night

images North Korea Rocket Launch the night lights of North andmhathi01-11 02:04 PMGuys the race is on! Anti immigrants are onto our campaign. see this link! Are you ready for the showdown? Lets send as many letters as we can!! wallpaper the night lights of North and South and North Korea.needhelp!01-09 07:40 PMTo find immigrant community everywhere.. at

kelly rowland album here i am

images kelly rowland here i am cover. kelly rowland here i am album.meridiani.planum01-05 10:13 me, there are very very few who would have bought a house with GC pending.,. I also used to think so, but in reality many people waiting for GC have bought houses already (on an IV poll ~50% of some 500 respondents)

america ferrera

images America Ferrera America Ferrera (born April 18cagedcactus05-01 12:01 PM check it out....... wallpaper America Ferrera (born April 18 America Ferrera › Ray-Bantoosunneo02-02 11:01 AMYou are right. The attorney thought that my sixth year ended in August 2010. Glad I don't have to travel outside of US. Thanks for the

bruce springsteen magic

images Their new album #39;Magic#39; is out ruce springsteen rouletvikrant29nov03-06 10:34 PMThx IqAndreas ( :look: and Templarian ( :proud: Many more words hidden there... waiting for more answers... Good Luck guys :thumb: wallpaper ruce springsteen roulet girlfriend Bruce SpringsteenEctheo05-09

andy murray girlfriend 2009

images Andy Murray#39;s girlfriend Kim hot Andy Murray that makes itAbhinaym08-07 09:59 AMNotes: If you already have applied in EB2 you won't be affected. If you have a Masters you won't be affected. I have a small doubt here. I'm still trying to understand this porting business. Why is that those who have already applied in EB2/Masters will not be affected? If people with earlier PD port to

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images lady gaga born this way deluxe hairstyles Born This Waystillalone12-14 11:53 PMHi Friends I have a masters degree from a university which lost accreditation couple of years ago. Will i be eligible to apply for green card under EB2 Quota? I got mixed reviews from friends, few say that when the university allows CPT, OPT and stamping form INDIA why a difference at the time of Green card.

tom cruise wallpapers

images images tom cruise wallpapers Hollywood Actors Wallpaperscaliguy10-22 04:53 PM@ fatjoe My PD is June '04. RD is July 2, 2007 and ND is August 21, 2007. Yes, I tried Ombudsman, sent them my case more than a month back. Cali: Did you try Ombudsman too? No result? Mine is at TSC. PD: July 04. RD: Aug 17, 2007. ND: Oct 15, 2007. What is your RD and ND? I have a feeling that the IO might look

world of warcraft wrath of the lich king soundtrack

images makeup world of warcraft wrath OST quot;World of Warcraftbuehler07-18 09:19 AMThe company will have to sponsor the H1 in full. Not enough to just give you an employment verification letter. Also as per the rules, you cannot pay for the H1. Only the company can pay for it. wallpaper OST quot;World of Warcraft World of Warcraft: Wrath Of The Lich King soundtrack by Russell Brower,abhi_

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images hair goldfish wallpaper. Suicidal GoldfishSteven-TJanuary 30th, 2004, 02:40 PMIn my opinion, one of the more intriguing product announcements from Nikon today was the Coolpix 8700. If it improves significantly from the Sony, that could be a killer product. Right now, Canon is lacking a bit in the true consumer DSLR market. But then again, PMA is right around the corner. Click here (http://

idris elba the wire

images Bell in The Wire can be #39;The Wire#39; – Actor Idris Elbavikki7609-07 05:45 PMOption 1 should be sufficient even if SR was filed 2-3 days ago. I know lot of people who got InfoPass appt this way wallpaper #39;The Wire#39; – Actor Idris Elba Idris Elba (The Wire),Orange01-17 07:47 AMI mailed my EAD application around 2nd week of Dec'09 to Nebraska. I too was waiting for my check to be

south korea north korea at night

images South Korea at night. Guess where South Korea endsajay11-12 11:53 AMGot a reply from Texas office of Mr. David Roark. about and asking to login and know the status!! wallpaper Guess where South Korea ends north amp; south korea at nightpcs06-15 10:35 AMAll the past experience from members is requested & is appreciated ThanksSouth Korea Does NotB+ve10-08 07:11 AMHi Friends,

summerfest logo 2010

images milwaukee summerfest logo. summerfest logo milwaukee.bayarea0709-15 05:22 PMI remember IV Core had Efax as a functionality last year,can IV Core reactivate that again for this week ,s o that we can fax senators Anyone knows when is the bill actually scheduled for voting.. wallpaper summerfest logo milwaukee. 8, 2010 at 10:51 a.m.ChainReaction05-27 11:36 AMGuys- Any benefit in filing 485

selena gomez and justin bieber beach photos

images justin bieber selena gomez Justin Bieber and Selenavinodp197808-25 10:16 PMI am in the same 6th yr H1 expires on Feb 2008. I am really hoping that I will get an EAD before my H1 expiration. But if I dont get an EAD on time then I will apply for recapturing my time outside USA. I travel overseas a lot on business so basically i will need about 3months of time recaptured to

beautiful north korean women

images South Korea Aspiring Driver North Korean Woman BikingNil11-11 09:18 AMThe Los Angeles Times (11/11, Watanabe) reports that, according to a report from the Migration Policy Institute, there is "a massive 'brain waste' of highly educated and skilled immigrant professionals who potentially could, with a little aid, help ease looming labor shortages in California and nationwide in healthcare,

kristen stewart and robert pattinson photo shoot bazaar

images robert pattinson kristen Twilight: Robert Pattinsonalisa06-26 04:59 PMLost I20. Went to school from 96 to 2000. WOrking on H-1 since then. Numerous trips outside. Last one in 2005 on an H-1 visa. What do I do now? wallpaper Twilight: Robert Pattinson *NEW* STILL HARPER#39;S BAZAARgccovet09-22 10:34 AMI recently got my gc. Is there anything I need to do to initiate my Citizenship process

is bethenny frankel pregnant again

images hair PHOTOS – Is Bethenny is bethenny frankel pregnantgcformeornot01-20 01:10 PMI am working for a consulting firm and my 6 year H1 is expiring on March 2012. My I-140 is approved as of Dec 2008(EB3) - pd Aug 2007. I-485 not filed yet due to PD not current. I have a fulltime offer from my client which is a global bank and so i would like to move to them My question is I don't have I-140

tom cruise top gun volleyball scene

images TOM CRUISE SNUBS TOP GUN wallpaper tom cruise top gun.Jerrome09-24 05:53 PMThey are referring to the Perm Labor data for year 2009. I think one common mistake that is being made everywhere on this board since the USCIS data got out is to make assumptions on demand. We are only being shown data which shows pending applications from USCIS. If USCIS releases data of how much demand by

billy the kid dead body

images hot illy the kid dead body. deathMahaBharatGC01-30 02:48 PMThere are 3 kind of jobs - 1. Jobs that require active security clearance - this kind of job is only limited to US citizen that have security clearance of that level. Yes, tehre are different levels in security clearance as well. 2. Jobs that will be in unit where everyone must be US citizen. These kind of jobs can be filled by US

no credit cards accepted

images No credit cards accepted, Credit and Debit cards havekshitijnt05-11 12:17 AMOh, did that comment on Brahma and Saraswati incest hurt you? tsk, tsk, tsk.. too bad. Well, you should have read and responded to the comment before that before pretending to be hurt about my response. I didn't start it. If you are ready to make such bigoted comment, NEVER expect that you can get away that.

robert pattinson kristen stewart 2011 mtv awards

images Photos: 2011 MTV Movie Awards Robert Pattinson, Kristenkumarr04-08 01:19 PMHow long it take (in terms day) to receive actual RFE mail notice after LUD status update online about RFE? No RFE so far. Like I said all I see is new LUDs and all the online messages on i-485 cases say "case received and pending" on all cases. All cases are at Nebraska. wallpaper Robert Pattinson, Kristen 2010

emma watson burberry 2011

images Emma Watson Carrying Burberry hairstyles Emma Watson is hotgc4me11-10 09:44 PMI got the RFE at last. I invoked AC21. The RFE for me is asking for 2 evidences 01. Why in Form I-693 medical examiner submitted x-ray but no skin test (we did it because we had the TB vaccination in childhood and skin test would come positive and we had to take x-ray anyway) ---Not an Issue, we can answer that

julie benz buffy the vampire slayer

images and Julie Benz (“Buffy the Julie Benz at the quot;Buffywaitforgc200909-15 06:01 PMI have both EB3 and EB2 labor approved and EB2 I-140 approved for the same job requirement in the same company. Here're some details: labor PD : 03/2005 (EB3) labor PD : 12/2006 (EB2), I-140 approved (EB2) I-485 Applied : 07/2007 with approved EB2 I-140 Is it possible to use my EB3�s PD for my EB2

gold rush alaska season 2

images Jack Hoffman Gold Rush: Alaska James Harness in quot;Gold Rush:pappu11-22 07:50 PM Plaintiff suggests that the fact that her application has been pending for nearly three years is patently unreasonable. She argues that Congress intended applications to be adjudicated within 180 days. See 8 U.S.C. � 1571(b) ("It is the sense of Congress that

replacement for megan fox transformers 3

images Megan Fox#39;s Transformers 3 Michael Bay made Megan Fox#39;sleoindiano10-07 08:54 PMwithout approving 2004 cases, what is the point in moving the dates forward in november? Whoever is writing to Janet Napolitano, should point this out. wallpaper Michael Bay made Megan Fox#39;s Megan Fox#39;s replacement wonSaralayar01-06 05:41 PMAhuja, Why do you even need a GC, my friend. Stick with

terrell owens shirtless

images Terrell Owens Terrell Owens picture galleryrockstart01-15 08:05 AMI have sent the letter to WH will post the IV copy shortly. Also forwarded it to other friends. wallpaper Terrell Owens picture gallery hot terrell owens images.Cheran05-24 08:44 AMCan somebody please answer my previous question?? Thanks [QUOTE=Hassan11]I have a question regarding the I-693 Medical exam. it was mentioned

gold rush vbs decorations

images gold rush vbs decorating. gold rush vbs pictures.wandmaker10-25 11:10 PMAll, I am currently unemployed and my spouse needs to travel to Mumbai urgently. Our AP is valid through November 30, 2009. Will there be any issues for my wife when she comes back - possibly because of my current status. Wife is employed (with a different company)& the EAD/AP was filed by my last employer. Responses

true blood season 4 promotional photos

images True Blood 4.Sezon Promo: True Blood Season 4 Promosaturnring1108-16 01:23 PMToday, I got a phone call from an IO at 7:45 am waking me up from my sleep. She said she was following-up on my request to the Senator to get a case update. She told me that my case is in transit to an officer from the holding facility. This is the same status I got from my Infopass almost 10 days ago. How long

lady gaga judas art

images lady gaga judas Check out Lady Gaga#39;s quot;Fellinidiv_bell_200302-02 05:43 PM1) I got my first H-1 on 10/01/2006 ( I-29 date). When is the latest I should renew my H-1B visa Earliest date to apply for a renewal - 04/01/2009 Latest date to apply for a renewal - 09/30/2009 2) I was a July filer and my wife is already using EAD (business). Does it make sense to renew her H-4 as well

images of casey anthony partying

images casey anthony hot body contest casey anthony case breakingsantb197501-14 10:33 PMI am from California. How can I ask this question? I posted the following question for the Nevada Presidential debate. I urge all of you, specially if you are from Nevada, to ask a similar question. "Illegal immigration has been a topic of

compaq laptop keyboard

images Laptop keyboard for HP/Compaq Arabic Layout Laptop Keyboardivuser910-01 03:37 PMis it .com ? wallpaper Arabic Layout Laptop Keyboard Spanish Laptop Keyboard forsnathan05-19 04:41 PMHi, My friend got his H1 last year for 2007-2008 and came to US in DEC 2007, he works for IT company. However, since he has arrived he has not been placed on a project and so no pay stub has been generated.

true blood season 4 eric

images pictures Season 4 True Blood Season 4 Eric Promounbreakable06-03 01:32 AMSorry, I didn't know the bill was dead. Thanks for correcting. wallpaper Season 4 Eric Promo True Blood, you know Ericsheela09-10 07:14 PMI think it would be better idea to call them and find out their hours of operation. The address is usually given on the FP notice letter. All the best! I think: We donot have a

compaq presario cq42-372tu

images dance quotes and sayings. more goldfish cartoon pictures. Stock Vector: Goldfish cartoonpeacocklover01-25 03:14 PMI changed my job recently, I'm starting up with new GC application with my new employer as I had passed only 140 stage with my previous GC application of employer and I couldn't get a chance to file my 485. I have 12 plus years of total IT experience. My question is related to

true blood season 4 promo posters

images 2010 Season 4 True Blood Tags: HBO, premiere, season 4,sath200007-17 04:46 PMHi, I posted the same information on FREE answers to questions from an Immigration Lawyer. Here is my issue regarding the PD. My Employer applied for labor through RIR under EB2 March6th 2004 which was then transffered to Philadelphia Backlog Center. Our Attorney suggested that we Apply through PERM process and

Cameron Diaz

images Cameron Diaz in Vince White Cameron - who shot to famepappu04-24 07:05 PM wallpaper Cameron - who shot to fame CAMERONnsabavala01-03 04:25 AM:eek: I had my visa interview in Mumbai on Dec 28th. A PIMS Verfication was required for them to be able to issue me a visa. This is for an H1-B extension of stay - My six years expired

tom felton and jade olivia 2011

images tom felton and jade olivia Tom Felton and Jade Oliviamihird09-13 11:20 PMSeveral people on the forum seem to be getting fingerprint notices, EAD, AP etc. in mail. I am one of the few July 2nd filer who has not seen any activity on my case checks cashed, no 485 receipt, no EAD etc. etc. I am just trying to guage as to how many of us July 2nd filers are in this boat.... my 140 was

selena gomez who says music video hair

images Selena; hair WATCH VIDEO hot Selena Gomez “Who Says”nirajnp06-02 05:25 PMThanks Aranya.. Reg. ques 2 - Let me rephrase it This is my wife's first H1B which is valid for 3 years ( started in Oct 2005 - Oct 2008). If she does COS to H4 now (June 2008) and if she plans to COS to H1 next year (Lets say March 2009), then will her new H1 application still be considered against the H1B cap (

emma watson kissing a girl

images Emma Watson Photos, Emma Harry Potter star Emma Watsonrsrikant10-22 09:59 AMhey guys did anyone received EAD or FP?? mine also TSC <> Vermont <> TSC... got transfer notice. don't have the receipt numbers for EAD yet. please let me know your status. wallpaper Harry Potter star Emma Watson Emma Watson, Mac Miller,Iamthejuggler03-29 04:17 PMPhew.hairstyles emma watson kissingpod106-16 04:

emma watson mtv movie awards 2011

images 2010 emma watson mtv movie tattoo emma watson 2011 mtv after emma watson 2011 mtv movie awards aftersinghv_198001-20 09:32 PMeveryone, please also post the detail about when was your H1 approved. In which month and year. It might be possible that recently approved H1 is talking more time... just my guess.. if we post about H1 approval time frame then it will help us to decide something

north korean flag

images house An Anti-North Korea 2011 burns a North Korean flagdelta311002-02 11:23 PMI am in H1 status and my wife is in H4 status. She received credit for an amount for which she received an 1042-S form. Also received a 1098-T form which shows the credit amount. Where do I show the amount in the 1040 or 1040 EZ ? wallpaper 2011 burns a North Korean flag North Korean Flag PoleBlog Feeds08-12

frank mccourt dodgers

images Frank McCourt and Jamie owner Frank McCourt duringScythe03-17 04:11 PM"WHAT," "GUESS," "MY NAME iS," "GREAT" "NO" is in there several times. wallpaper owner Frank McCourt during owner Frank McCourt speaksasharma07-23 09:25 PMThe questions in FAQ are very much similar to what are being asked at this website. Is it pure co-incidence or is USCIS reading the immigrationvoice questions???:

princess diana death photos car crash

images World ». A wreath marks the chi princess diana deathjavadeveloper01-09 04:06 PMWe have it in about us page if you scroll down Immigration Voice Achievements 1. September 18, 2007 1. DC Rally: Thousands of high-skilled immigrants march in the US Capital! 2. Lobby day: IV volunteers attend close to 125

selena gomez and justin bieber kissing at beach

images hair justin bieber kisses Justin Bieber and Selena Gomezwillgetgc200504-30 10:53 PMHourglass, How responsive are they to our concerns. Are they accessible ? Others, any experience, please share. If you are more comfortable send a PM. I want to make the right decision. Thank You. Hi there, yes myself and couple of my friends went thru Mr Gotcher lawfirm. Strongly recommended, very

office 365 login

images Sign-in page to Office 365 My Office 365 Deploymentmach134312-15 05:22 PMI have to work 20 hrs per week part time apart from my full time 40hrs per week. Since I am not working 35 hrs per week as you said does this mean my GC process will have a effect? wallpaper My Office 365 Deployment access on Office 365.garybanz10-26 12:56 PMdue to changes in procedures, a lot of the applications

rosie huntington whiteley style

images Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Rosie Huntington-Whiteleybomber06-29 05:36 PMIf its mailed out today, then you are ok. Its the POSTMARKED date that is seen. So even if it reaches there in July, as long as it went OUT today, they will have to accept it under June's batch of applications coz it is postmarked in June (june 29). logiclife, thanks for taking time to look at an individual case in

north korean women

images North Korea – Restrictions Female North Korean SoldiersLasantha01-25 01:36 PMSo it looks like airline/airport personel know about AP and would not make a fuss for not having a valid unexpired visa in your passport if you carry your AP. It's curious though why the guy wanted to see your EAD when EAD has nothing whatsoever to do with travelling. Hi reddy77, I recently traveled to Chennai.

old school houston astros hat

images house Houston Astros Hat 2011 Houston Astros 34 Ryanjoelly05-17 03:30 PMI never heard of an RFE for H1b extension. Are u sure that the RFE is not related to your I-140 or I-485? H1b extension should be a smooth sail. wallpaper 2011 Houston Astros 34 Ryan hair Houston Astros Framed485Mbe400110-03 03:51 PMWhat is the root cause for namecheck issues ? the Ombudsmans report mentions a) the

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selena gomez hair color

images selena gomez new pics 2011. selena gomez hair color 2011.mundada03-24 03:59 PMTake printouts of emails, walk to a lawyer, file a lawsuit, chill for couple of months, and take home your loot! This is illegal discrimination! wallpaper selena gomez hair color 2011. Selena Gomez Hairstyleab_tak_chappan08-20 11:58 PMGuys why dont you get it??? :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: EB1 is the most

download tom cruise wallpapers

images Tom-cruise-mobile-wallpaper tom cruise wallpaperprobe09-04 01:26 PMTo all fellow GC applicants and immigration gurus.I have this question to ask.I recently got my I-140 and applied I-485 (Aug 1 2007). My employer is moving office to new address.How will it effect my future GC process ?. Thanks in advance wallpaper tom cruise wallpaper iPhone Tom Cruise wallpapersmali0305-09 11:39 AMAs

weeds season 3 cover

images Weeds: Season Five **½ 2011 Weeds Season 6 Episode 3kumar111-22 02:27 PMqasleuth - You do not even deserve my reply. So you are free to write anything that you want! Kumar1, You have a reputation of "beyond repute" on this forum and one of the leaders who people expect to lead us. Is this the ethical/moral standard you live by ? Disgustingly shameful. And are you one of those people who

summerfest smile

images Ride FREE to Summerfest! A Smile from the Winnerrajmalhotra02-09 10:10 AM^^^bump wallpaper A Smile from the Winner hairstyles Summerfest Photospcs07-08 08:46 AMWe need to expose all these attorneys ( read blood suckers) It can be easily done on IVSummer Fest 2011srratlanta02-19 11:19 AMI have my labor cleared and 140 applied in 2007. Later in 2007 I had filed for 485 based on the

julie benz boondock saints cowgirl

images more. wallpaper love quotes for himMacaca02-21 10:50 AMBroken Borders and Dover Sole: My Lunch With Lou Dobbs ( By LAWRENCE DOWNES | NYT, Feb 21 So I was having lunch at the Four Seasons with Lou Dobbs the other day, locked in disagreement over who cared more about working people, him or me. Him: CNN host, biggest and

Charlie Sheen

images charlie sheen Charlie Sheenbestin04-01 11:23 AMGuys do not feed the freeloaders by telling anything you are reading in the donor forum. Let these people help themselves by signing up for recurring contributions if they want helpful nformation about their EB2 PD movemement. We are still not meeting of our advocacy day amount. It is all because most people want free lunches. This needs to

bethenny frankel forbes magazine cover

images Bethenny Frankel is so much Bethenny Frankel#39;s Closetroseball07-26 04:00 PMHello Friends My EB2 petition was filed in TSC in June 2009 and on July 20 2009 I received an email saying that " my approval notice was sent".Today the status changed to " Document mailed ON juLY 24 2009 " and also my previous eb1a denial in Feb 2009 got a soft LUD. I am totally confused by this . Can some

north korean people

images showing North Korean the North Korean People#39;stsiger04-18 07:07 AMcoool! wallpaper the North Korean People#39;s the Korean People#39;s Armytnite10-31 10:13 AMMy status is the same as you folks "Document mailed to applicant".Based on responses from other forums it means that the approval notice has been sent. Will keep you guys posted.Old north korean women dancingTemplarian01-11 08:

the voice judges cee lo green

images NEWS: Cee Lo Green amp; Danger 06/08/2011 Cee-Lo Green forBonoVox62708-01 11:09 PMAlso here is my site for DontAsk Inc. Films. The one that puts out the Star's War films. wallpaper 06/08/2011 Cee-Lo Green for Each of the show#39;s celebritycbpds04-16 01:42 PMIt has been posted in IV already Good Read

casey anthony partying while daughter missing

images Was this Casey Anthony#39;s way More Photos: Casey Anthonyvicsthedude09-24 11:10 PMMy turn to share the most anticipated emai. I got it today. wallpaper More Photos: Casey Anthony house Casey Anthony PartyingDreamGC09-10 09:30 AMI called the following Representatives and left a message for all of them. Lamar S. Smith, Texas (202) 225-4236 Left Message Jim Sensenbrenner, Wisconsin (202)

amber rose kanye west

images kanye west amber rose split up Amber Rose Kanye West Picturesaksvk09-22 11:40 PMMay be you should try to help, if not then keep shut! ?D...A... hasnt heard about typing errors! wallpaper Amber Rose Kanye West Pictures Kanye West x Amber Rose teardpp01-27 08:41 AMyes, in general as per law, you have to file tax returns to both states. But most of the desi-employers try to use same state

discount tire direct

images Discount Tire Direct Discount Tire 4 week giveaway!rockyrock07-31 03:52 PMPappu, special thanks for researching this topic, and posting updates regularly. Last week I too consulted a high profile (about $200 per 15 minutes... you should be able to guess, I am not sure I am alowed to mention the name) lawyer to discuss this issue. To give you a brief background, my lawyer did not include

casey anthony photos partying

images casey anthony photos partying 2010 Casey Anthony MolestedFoster200707-16 02:09 AMCan he be sued for repeatedly misreporting facts? wallpaper 2010 Casey Anthony Molested 2011 casey anthony partyingGCwaitforever03-26 11:05 AMAlways complain, even if there is no hard proof. The companies may not tell you on your face that they do not hire EADs. But the hiring manager or recruiter must be

emma watson mtv movie awards 2011 after party

images At the after party, Emma 2011 MTV MOVIE AWARDS REDsunny100003-28 01:06 AMHi all, I am on H4 visa now. Got a long awaited job (with EAD) which will start in June 2011. My I-94 is till september 2010 becoz H4 is stamped till that date. But I have I94 with I-797 till June 2011(6 years of H4). I want to travel to India before i start my job, probably in may. My husband is still on H1 visa

tom cruise mission impossible 2

images 2011 tom cruise mission tom cruise mission impossiblesivasankar_eppe07-17 08:54 PMMy 140 filled on July 6th 2007 . No receipt yet . How to file 485 without 140 receipt ? Is there any solution for this ? wallpaper tom cruise mission impossible “Mission: Impossible 2″sunny100009-13 02:23 AMGreat Work Lady and gentlemen! Here is an inspirational song by Mavis Staples to go with it. The

tom felton and daniel radcliffe friends

images Daniel Radcliffe + Tom tom felton and danielnitinba06-29 05:19 PMYes attorneys are all going for long weekends upto July 4th and why not they already made hell lot of money, dammit man it sucks bigtime wallpaper tom felton and daniel hot Tom Felton, Danielsundarpn02-16 09:59 PMR u going to Nogales or just called to inquire??? Nogales embassy number: 52-631-3118150 I called just to

robert pattinson and kristen stewart twilight premiere

images Robert Pattinson on the set of ashley greene eclipse premierechanduv2310-29 07:26 AMPlease refer the url, one of the iv member has stated his friends denial case. The authenticity of that case is not clear. Someone claims his friend had issues and we do not have any details. I used AC21 few months back and went through the

rory mcilroy necklace us open

images of stealing a necklace, Necklace OriginalLostInGCProcess10-07 11:24 AMRecently, I e-filed EAD renewal for me. So, there was no issue. Give some more time, like a couple of weeks and if you don't see any change, then call USCIS. wallpaper Necklace Original 2010 US Open Sectionalsprash06-01 06:41 PMI'm curious if anyone has got multiple RFEs on their I-485 application. I had an EVL RFE

the voice tv series

images Frampton on “The Voice” The Voice is the search forkushaljn01-17 04:37 PMIt was Mumbai. Can you add which consulate (Mumbai/Delhi/Chennai) you interviewed? wallpaper The Voice is the search for The Voice picture gallerylegal_la06-29 07:19 PMMy stupid big law firm delayed filing until monday this week. With all this hoopla.. Any ideas or rumors floating around about ppl who did not get

lady gaga no makeup

images lady gaga without make up Lady Gaga No Makeup!meg_z11-06 03:16 PMMore info Have not heard anybody being stuck there. Appreciate any comments there. Thanks. wallpaper Lady Gaga No Makeup! It#39;s Lady Gaga Without Makeup!sayantan7601-25 06:04 PMAir India flying direct to India starting from feb 08, at least that's what

gold rush 1849 pictures

images Get California Gold Rush from California Gold RushzCool03-24 04:11 PMOf course they have to continue the sponsorship of your green card via AC21 if needed. Usage of EAD actually makes the hire less restricted and more volatile (Yearly renewal) As we go forward with massive number of folks needing/using EAD. Very soon EAD is going to be similar to H1b .. companies will outsource hassle to

shia labeouf hand injury

images I understand his hand is still Shia LaBeouf Car Crashsmuggymba04-05 11:01 AMI am on h1-b visa and I have got an opportunity to have promotion in my current company. This new position is in the same department with the same company and needs almost same type of computer skill but with higher position title, more responsibility, and higher pay. Question: Do i need to file for new h1-b or

tiger woods wife bikini

images Tiger Woods Was Tiger Woods#39; car crashDreamGC09-10 09:30 AMI called the following Representatives and left a message for all of them. Lamar S. Smith, Texas (202) 225-4236 Left Message Jim Sensenbrenner, Wisconsin (202) 225-5101 Left Message Howard Coble, North Carolina (202) 225-3065 Left Message Elton Gallegly, California (202) 225-5811 Left Message Bob Goodlatte, Virginia (202) 225-

princess diana car crash scene

images Princess+diana+car+crash+ Princess Diana Car Crashiak197304-01 12:48 PMIndia/China Quota numbers � Update | Klasko, Rulon, Stock & Seltzer, LLP: Blog ( India/China Quota numbers � Update April 1st, 2011 by William Stock While the USCIS numbers of pending I-485 make me relatively pessimistic on movement for India and

world of warcraft cataclysm worgen wallpaper

images warcraft cataclysm worgen Blizzcon 2010 - Cataclysmamdn12302-04 05:55 PMI meant to ask about a turks & caicos visa. It is a british overseas territory but doesn't seem to require a visa from anyone. wallpaper Blizzcon 2010 - Cataclysm World of Warcraft Curse of thekumar100.gundra05-12 03:53 PMI have ben working with employer A on an H1B ( even labor and I-140 approved, PD-April2009) and

tiger woods house windermere

images According to a report, Tiger house in Windermere.cygent02-01 04:53 PMHi Terpac, Is this EB2 or EB3? How many yrs. experience did you have when filing for labor? Which center filed NSC or TSC? Please consult your attorney, or also try Do post/update your situation here to help the rest of us. Thank You! wallpaper house in Windermere. Tiger Woods,

princess diana death photo cannes

images Princess Diana death film New Princess Diana documentarygcformeornot08-02 01:09 PM. wallpaper New Princess Diana documentary photo of Princess Dianalogiclife03-28 10:55 PMThe webfax feature already does that for us.Death Photos of Princess Dianadreamworld12-13 05:10 PMYes, Finger prints are done in Oct 07 Make an infoPass appointment and go with the proof of travel emergency and your

nicki minaj before and after plastic surgery pics

images nicki minaj before and after Nicki Minaj before and afterGC0802-02 10:14 PMWhether that stupid guy knows or not is not important. The most important thing is the American people. I guarantee that most Americans do not know how H1Bs contribute to the American society. If they are misinformed, the government and Congress can only further mistreat people like you and me. The real danger of

justin bieber and selena gomez at the beach pictures

images justin bieber and selena gomez justin bieber selena gomezbuehler07-18 07:09 AMhi Guys, I was thinking over this for quite some time. Why dont we hire one or two immigration attorneys on a full time basis. And lets start am immigration office where we can have all our immigration works (doubtful) but the future immigrant works ata marginally cheaper rates with high quality of service. If

nicki minaj before and after full body

images nicki minaj before and after Even efore the release of herchanduv2303-24 10:55 AMA lot of the list and questions that you are being asked is what department of labor asks when they are investigating possible h-1b violations. What they have asked you is usually in those types of investigations. There is a lot of things going on behind the scenes that many people are not aware of or

Thursday, July 28, 2011

justin bieber 2011 may calendar

images justin bieber glasses new justin bieber 2011SunnySurya08-05 10:58 AMI most definitely do. But all depends who needs the most help and what expense. If you ask me to donate a Kidney if my one my Kidney is already failing, I most likely will not help. But if you ask me for some other cause where I am not affected. I will definitly help. You would be doing the same things if your were in my

jennifer lopez on the floor album

images +lopez+on+the+floor+album+ Jennifer Lopez feat.sc308-05 08:29 PMsee below Then check. Context is everything sometimes. I checked, everything I said before, I stand by it. There was no point, I said I did not believe it. I was showing the original poster that using a large black brush to tar a whole group of people is offensive and inappropriate. At least read my whole post before

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images Jersey Shore Season 4 in The Jersey Shore Season 4senthil105-16 11:33 PMBehave like a high skilled person. Do not use bad words just because someone is against your opinion. Again if you use everything is appilcable to you. That means you are losing track and you do not have valid argument. You do not have sense that this thread is not for discussion for gc. This thread is about the H1b

nicki minaj barbie doll toy

images Nicki Minaj is the Barbie doll Tarina Tarantino Barbie Dolljungalee4309-28 12:39 PMI am not US citizen and who becomes president or who the American people vote for is none of my business. But I can't resist writing here because it is going to affect my life in a great way. Sen. Obama's appeal of change is definitely attractive. But would he walk the talk? He mentioned American values in

nicki minaj barbie chain

images Nicki Minaj Barbie Round Brand New Iced Out BARBIEsriramkalyan12-19 02:26 PMLooks like time to shutdown IV site.. I suggested long time back .. do not allow anyone to start the threads .. Only allow users who are active contributors to IV budget. Now this site is becoming like yahoo chats ... God help Immigration community ... EB3 is not moving ...EB2 dead stop ... wallpaper Brand

jennifer lopez hair color 2011

images jennifer lopez 2011 jennifer lopez hair color 2011nojoke04-14 01:46 AMi can not speak for everybody but i bought in east coast in 2004 for $330K. it peaked to $425K in 2006 and now it is somewhere $350K. it may go even go down to $300K I will break even if i stay for another 3 years. (total 7 years) If renting then : 110K in rent with no benefits for 7 years. Good Side: - Tax benefits

justin bieber 2011 tour photos

images Newcomer Justin Bieber also Justin Bieber#39;s 2011abcdgc12-27 01:22 AMAlso, people like Hamid Gul and Kaayani have been directly involved in direct aid to terrorists organizations and Taliban in Pakistan & Afganistan. These are the worst of your kind, the difference is, Kaayani has a uniform to show. But a terrorist is a terrorist, with or without a uniform. He and ISI is directly

new justin bieber 2011 pictures

images justin bieber 2011 photoshoot 2010 justin bieber new haircutchanduv2305-17 06:31 AMFor folks who think banning any sort of consulting on hn1b will solve the purpose and has a good cause, this is what is going to happen. You most probably will have been a h1b working ina fulltime job. You will think that when h1b consultants go away, you will fall ahead in the queue and get ur GC. But my

disney pixar cars logo

images Tags: disney pixar cars two File:Cars logo.png - Pixarnew2gc03-24 06:19 PMMy Dear Friend: Why do you want to defend crooks? Instead of ackowledging the fact that desi consulting companies are exploiting loopholes, you rather want to know why other companies are not feeling the heat. This is typical of us desis. There is absolutely no introspection. For once, accept that we are at fault.

is nicki minaj and drake dating

images Is+drake+and+nicki+minaj+ Lil Wayne Drake Nicki Minajlogiclife11-15 10:55 AMToday's entire column written by Lou Dobbs is something that our dear Lou is really familiar with. No, its not middle class. No, its not the illegal immigration or the minimum wage. And no, its not outsourcing and corporate greed. Its ...tada..LOU DOBBS. So today, on Lou Dobbs presents : Lou Dobbs. (

pictures of justin bieber 2011 shirtless

images hot justin bieber pictures Justin Bieber 2011 Picturesfunny09-30 03:05 PMHow hard is it to figure out that people used AC21 and moved to another company, so the previous employer is out of the picture?. Why should the previous employer�s ability to pay matter?. Beacuse somehow USCIS is not looking into AC21 documentation also most of the time you don't even know that your AC21 letter has

justin bieber 2011 haircut may

images Justin Bieber new hair cut justin bieber 2011 haircutxyzgc12-28 12:21 AMPlease don't advocate war. If India can defeat the entire British Empire without firing a weapon, I can't believe that there isn't an ingenuitive solution to this mess. I can't believe that Indians and Pakistanis can't be the ones to solve it without weapons, especially nuclear ones. Nuclear weapons technology is old

disney pixar up wallpaper

images pictures The official Pixar wallpaper Disney Pixar Upperm2gc08-11 11:54 AMThe following month, Dobbs featured ITT Industries, an engineering and manufacturing firm. One of the things he liked about ITT, he told readers, was that CEO Louis Giuliano "puts such a high premium on his employees, and their involvement in 'value creation.' A lot of CEOs view employees simply as fat to be cut in

true blood rolling stone cover shoot

images the same for Rolling Stone true blood rolling stone coverjkays9405-31 08:36 PMSome CNN folks move to Fox but I doubt whether Lou stands a chance. Dobb's was once CNN's executive VP, he quit CNN and returned later.... Dobbs left CNN in 2000, reportedly due to heated clashes with its president, Rick Kaplan, one of which actually occurred on-air when Kaplan suggested to cut from

jennifer lopez 2011 american idol

images jennifer lopez 2011 american American Idol 2011 judgessdrblr03-23 11:57 AMI just wanted to point out that please be careful of what personal information you give as this is a "Incoming Call" and it is hard to verify the authenticity of it. wallpaper American Idol 2011 judges Fox#39;s quot;American Idol 2011quot;nojoke01-04 04:52 AMoh thats the price YOU are willing to bear? How? By

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

pixar studios logo

images On the streets of Pixar Studio between the regular DisneyRefugee_New01-07 09:44 AMIf you are comparing the Sivakasi rocket with the Hamas's rocket, I can only sympathize with you. You certainly need to learn a lot--atleast the definition of 'Rocket' or 'Terrorists'. My point is sivakasi rocket has the capability of killing 6 people and 7000 hamas rockets taken lesser than that. We are

heidi klum and seal wedding pictures

images that Heidi Klum and Seal Seal serenades Heidi Klum onpani_607-14 08:13 PMOh there are people who applied in early 2001(EB2-RIR) ...and waited untill end of 01 to get a NOD from DOL and then re-applied again in mid of 02 without retaining thier original PD of 01(EB3 Non RIR) you know?..most of you are from PERM that's why you are finding it odd ..!..DOL while sending back

jennifer lopez love

images Photo: Jennifer Lopez Love had if jennifer lopez loveRefugee_New01-06 04:37 PMSlow down chief, not so fast. There are two ways to give coverage to an issue. One could be decided based on how many people are affected, second could be based on how may people care for that issue. Exactly, its about how many people care about the issue. This doesn't bother/don't care attitude is what making

justin bieber tattoo under arm

images Justin Bieber MORE NEW TATTOOS justin bieber tattoo meaningxyzgc12-24 04:46 PMDude, I have donated over $ 1000 to IV so far, and participated in every campaign, and made enough calls to give me blisters, all without seeking attention or green dots. Next please? That's great to know. So, what exactly bothering you, friend? I know you don't like this thread but it shouldn't stop you from

pixar up

images Pixar#39;s quot;Upquot; - Arrivals Pixar UP Coloring pageyibornindia08-05 12:02 PMThis person hiding behind the user id "Rolling_Flood" is an extreme selfish person. The whole idea of our community is to help each other and to provide support & guidance to each-other. Instead he is trying to stop others from getting this advantage, trying to make us believe that EB-2 is his birth-right. I

jennifer lopez 2011 album cover

images of Jennifer Lopez#39;s video jennifer lopez 2011 albumprioritydate08-14 12:33 PMyes u are And what is that?? wallpaper jennifer lopez 2011 album jennifer lopez 2011 albumGCNirvana00706-07 04:32 PMSince i applied my I-485, havent seen a LUD but i did first time June 3rd 2009. One of my friend with same PD got LUD in April. I am from TSC. Any thoughts?.jennifer lopez love cover

true blood eric

images true blood eric and sookie. True Blood season 3 photo:somegchuh10-30 05:17 PM[Apologies for the cross-post] Since there are lot of ppl here who have had EAD/AP for years ... Do you know if USCIS lets you petition for renewal of EAD/AP only 4 months before expiry? Our legal assistant says that they can not apply for renewal until its 4 months to expiry. I was under the impression that we

jersey shore cast in italy pictures

images #39;Jersey Shore#39; Cast Gets Ready The Jersey Shore Cast Givencamarasa07-23 11:26 PMTake alternative opnion from good Attorney and take a chance. "Taking a chance" would obviously depend on the alternative opinion - surely. If the independant lawyer says no way you must start again, it wouldn't be taking a chance, it would just be stupid. wallpaper The Jersey Shore Cast Given will head

justin bieber and selena gomez dating pics

images selena gomez and justin bieber selena gomez dating justinJoybose08-10 04:50 PMGuys, I am happy to share with you all that I applied my 485 on 1 week of June and it got approved today. My PD was dec 2005. eb3. India. Thought i would share with you all.:) You applied in June 2007 and you got approved in two months? that is awesome, which service center? wallpaper selena gomez dating

wedding dress 2011 styles

images Mermaid style wedding dress by wedding dress 2011 styles.sugaur08-21 11:01 PMHave the chubby guy u take care of contact the local congressman/senator/newspaper and tell them a sob story about how no one will take care of him except you and maybe you will get lucky. One thing you can do, when you are deported, take the porky along. Less expense for the US health care.:D wallpaper wedding

justin bieber and selena gomez 2011 hawaii

images Justin Bieber amp; Selena Gomez Justin Bieber and Selena Gomezsanam969607-20 07:16 PMThanks everyone for replying. However, the opinions seems to be conflicting. Is there a place where I can verify precisely what the law says? I have not stayed outside the US for more than 3 months since 2002. Does this exempt me from the cap? I need to be sure, otherwise, I would have to apply for a H1-B

cameron diaz hairstyles

images Cameron Diaz ready to dump 2011 Cameron Diaz Hairstylesjotv10-16 11:31 PMthanks and i am expecting more details wallpaper 2011 Cameron Diaz Hairstyles Cameron Diaz #39;s chic bunpitha05-22 07:28 PMI am not sure it says only people who applied for I140 after May 21 retain there priority date. Everybody retains there priority date no matter when they applied for I140. Since there is a

justin bieber 2011 haircut pictures

images justin bieber 2011 haircut justin bieber 2011 hairstyle.eilsoe03-07 12:33 PMvoted for mlk, that is one sick design man... just love it... :thumb: looks a little like 2A, but may just be the colorscheme :) wallpaper justin bieber 2011 hairstyle. pictures justin bieber haircuttikka06-25 12:49 PMIV members have saved all of us a lot of money on attorney phone calls, getting answers to

jennifer lopez husband marc anthony

images Jennifer Lopez sent her Jennifer Lopez Debuts Afterperseus07-17 01:04 AMhere is a brief account of my, and my spouse's, arduous but successful journey toward the coveted green cards. i hope this account helps you somehow. (note: what you read below is all of what i am willing to share. i have spent a lot of time in typing it. i will not have the time or inclination for any elaborations

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images hot watching MTV Jersey Shore, hot a jersey shore girls cast.jchan05-14 05:25 PMAs far as I know, there is another one for US Educated Advance Degree in STEM. But I don't remember the number of the bill. On what basis are you saying this? If EB folks don't want to do anything for their own benefit, there won't be any hope even after 2009. We will be over shadowed by 12 million folks

clip art fish and chips

images clip art fish and chips. clip EU European cuisine fish andrpatel07-24 08:42 AMTo the core group/Senior Members, If I understand it right, the ability to concurrently file I40/I485 was introduced by the legacy INS through a memo in July of 2002 and it went effective almost immediately on July 31st 2002. I've tried to search for news archives on different law websites and to best of my

sylvester stallone tattoo

images Sylvester+stallone+2011+ stallion stallone tattoosgimme_GC200604-06 05:53 at work I heard from my colleague that his friend was sent back from airport My colleague's friend's story. Went to india for 3 weeks POE, officer called his employer and asked "do you need him(a H1B) to work for this position? Cant you find any US Citizen?". Apparently, the

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images images nicki minaj super bass hair Super Bass Video Nickidesighee10-28 05:15 PMWhat game and who are these people? i think shraddha is a girl and saburi looks like a car similar to subaru wallpaper hair Super Bass Video Nicki 2011 Nicki Minaj Super Basskirupa01-02 12:56 AMOh, I wasn't planning on banning any AS1 projects. I don't really care which version of AS people use. Sen could


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images Justin Bieber Photos - Justin justin bieber selena gomezalisa08-03 12:10 PMI've been waiting for 400+ days for my NSC-EB3-140 to get processed. Really frustrating!! :mad: Received by USCIS on June 4th 2007. Have been waiting since. So 400+ days for me too... wallpaper justin bieber selena gomez Justin Bieber and Selena Gomezdealsnet12-05 07:06 PMIf any greencard holder is convicted say

angelina jolie foto

images Angelina Jolie Site Angelina Jolie - Zimbiovaishalikumar08-17 12:46 PMIt is bad visa bulletin for EB 3 . wallpaper Angelina Jolie - Zimbio When Angelina Jolie discoveredanurakt12-26 09:01 AMI agree with this, we should also crate a section in craiglist for our area and put it....It's free and people do look at the postings.... Craiglist is one of the best websites for local promotions.

justin bieber pictures with selena gomez kissing

images justin bieber kissing selena justin bieber and selena gomezintheyan10-17 08:46 PMWe got our checks cashed. We submited at Nebraska service center on july 2nd by 9.01 am signed by R.micheals. We got our case transfered to Texas and got our checks chased on october 16 th. The receipt started with SRC and it had 13 digits but when I quired my status online it said receipt error. May be thier

i miss you baby quotes

images wallpaper i love you baby i miss you mom quotes. i missgcnirvana07-12 04:50 PMI think you are in. Good Luck! Mine is 3/21/06. So close...yet seems like so far :( Hi, My PD is March 1st 2006. Just wondering is March 1st is in or out? i.e. cut off is March 2nd or March 1st? thanks, Rwe wallpaper i miss you mom quotes. i miss pictures i miss you babywizkid73207-29 04:02 PMI hope the

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

money clipart

images Money Chase Money Bags Clipart Picturebheemi12310-03 03:13 PMwrong there, once counted against cap she is exempt for 6 years. she can use this approval if working for same employe get it stamped and enter on H1 any time. Or apply for COS with any other employer sponsoring H1. To answer the original questions only two options. 1) depart and reeneter using L1 2) apply for COS (but a long

is nicki minaj and drake dating

images Is Drake Dating Rihanna Again and nicki minaj dating.nlalchandani10-25 02:36 PMThanks canmt. By the way, for the G-28, it doesn't have to be an attorney right? So, I can get somebody else that I trust to sign them to be my representative. Will this work? If I were to put my own name to be my own representative, is that going to flag them? Do you know how much is it to get an attorney to

true blood cast jason

images hot 2010 true blood cast True Blood Cast Members NamedNewDocinUS02-05 01:52 PMI am currently looking for any observership positions on B1/B2. Please let know if you have any friends who are doctors or who know any hospitals which offer observerships to international medical graduates. Thanks wallpaper True Blood Cast Members Named Crystal Norris - True Bloodswamy11-27 04:08 PMThe moment

nicki minaj pink friday album

images hairstyles Nicki Minaj – Pink Nicki Minaj – Pink Fridaysukhyani12-18 03:54 PMHi guys, I wonder if anyone noticed that. I am a July 2nd filer and my priority date is not current and long will not be. But I noticed many many LUDS on my I485 and no change in messages. Has anyone noticed that too? My LUDS: 9/7, 9/11, 10/3(after FP), 12/10, 12/11, 12/15, 12/18..... I wonder what is happening

hacker wallpapers

images images hacker wallpapers. hacker wallpapers.bharani11-04 11:31 AMNrc2008064195 wallpaper hacker wallpapers. Hacker wallpapers v2 - SGClubrayoflight06-11 09:57 AMSent to MD Senatorshackerckichannagari06-11 10:57 AMjust sent again after modified contents..2011 Hacker wallpapers v2 - SGClub hacker wallpapers. my casedilber06-06 01:44 PMAfter long wait of 4.7 years ( i know it may not

jennifer lopez hair colour 2011

images 2010 jennifer lopez hair color jennifer lopez hair color.amsgc04-17 08:36 PMThe word "transfer" is a misnomer. There is no such thing. The new company files a new H-1B petition to hire you, with the request that the new H-1B petition not be counted against the yearly cap. This new application doesn't affect your current H-1B status; in fact if you change your mind about the new offer, you

resume examples for students in college

images resume examples for students makeup sample resume format.bigboy00706-11 12:20 PMEveryone is again talking about ifs and buts. Guys why do not you put your hard work on what is more important than what is never ever going to happen. People with a GC, if this Bill passes, they are not going to renew your GC also. How's about that? People with a US citizenship, with previous GC status, they

justin bieber and selena gomez beach photos

images tattoo justin bieber selena Justin Bieber and Selena Gomezvactorboy2902-24 03:24 PMI agree with you that IV needs money for the good cause and it has to come from donations. All I am saying is if someone like me who is on H1B and can't fill the profile wants to reply to someone's query then IV should not be charging me for that because I have no dates in my profile. Money has to be

lindsay lohan mean girls halloween costume

images For a sexy dinner outfit, Celebrities in Halloweenfromnaija12-12 02:20 PMWhat if i leave it just like that? That, my dear friend, is courting disaster at a later date and would be very unwise. wallpaper Celebrities in Halloween While Halloween is about oneItIsNotFunny12-17 03:27 PMI had posted my query on another thread but thought of creating a new one with all the updates. My

kristen stewart bikini

images -Kristen-Stewart-Bikini- KRISTEN STEWART BIKINI 2011gangadhargs12-25 12:35 PMI got my reply from USCIS today. The receipt number is NRC2008072623. wallpaper KRISTEN STEWART BIKINI 2011 images Kristen Stewart On Setarc09-26 10:45 AMWe should also start using the word Green Card the reporters gets confused by the temp and perm visa or employment based visa... also we should also have

justin bieber never say never dvd cover art

images hot justin bieber never say justin bieber never say neverajju08-31 06:21 PMDear friends I'm very excited to say that I got my green card approved. Thank you for all of your support. My status change will not change a bit of my support to IV. I will continue to contribute what I contribute now, until we are sucessful. I'm not successful, until everyone of you is not successful in

simple animal cell diagram without

images animal cell diagram without hairstyles cabg · animal cellgimme_GC200604-07 06:45 PMfirst of all cut this BS. citizens and GC holders have different queues at POE and all visa people have different the hell ur friends heard the officers they have snake ears or what.use ur common sense. i came recently on march 20th and how come i did not see when there were 50 desis

giraffe animal print backgrounds

images Giraffe+print+layout Click Layout To Preview!pappu06-14 08:50 AM/\/\/\ wallpaper Click Layout To Preview! +giraffe+print+ackgroundspappu01-18 11:16 AMWe need at least 1000 members signing up for the monthly contributions in a month. I am sure we can do that. We have 8000 members and it should be easy. Till now we have only 100 signupsLeopard+print+ackground+geesee01-16 05:18 PM... For

alexander skarsgard true blood poster

images New True Blood Promo! True Blood Fangtastic PortraitDhundhun07-16 02:27 PMI am not sure how important the processing dates update, If you look in , there are many approvals whose mailed/application dates are well beyond Jul 17 (for TSC). This makes me question what is the processing date updates mean? "Processing Date" means thay have touched all the files before that - from approval

true blood season 4 trailer

images The all-new season of “True season 4, trailer, TrueKKtexas05-05 11:32 AMYou have successfully signed up for a subscription to Donation to Support Immigration Voice (User: KKtexas) using PayPal. Your first subscription payment, for $25.00 USD, has already been sent to Immigration Voice. Subscription Details ---------------------------------------------------------------- Date of sign

heidi klum and seal wedding vow renewal

images Heidi Klum, Seal dresses Heidi Klum and Sealchanduv2307-30 09:36 AMPappu - it is defnitely pathetic that people have not been able to make best use of Ombudsman's calls. But we have to accept reality. In general, from what I understand, Ombudsman calls are for common man and people who participate may not necessarily be an IV member or come to IV forums regularly or think in the way we

nicki minaj hair cut

images Amber Rose Haircut Nicki Minaj Hairsimple105-12 03:07 PMOk, for this Attorney thread, some one is pouring red on me. wallpaper Nicki Minaj Hair nicki minaj hairstyles withsanju01-23 11:41 AMI just found out that I have an employment gap of 11 months working without authorization. I applied for an I-485 in 2007 (I-140 approved) and my paralegal told me I didn't need to renew my H-1 nor

biceps tattoo

images inner icep tattoo. Great Women Arm Tattoossyzygy09-28 02:40 PMWhat can be more racist and unfair than USA as of today when hundred thousands of people who already gave their youth energy to innovation are being made to live hell like lives? I am sure many of us will find medical repercussions of what we are going through in few more years and then we can frame GC or AP or EAD or H1B

justin bieber never say never 2011 brrip

images Download Justin Bieber Never Justin Bieber Never Say Neverpd_recapturing09-04 10:41 AMThere is a confusion in following statement: "Secondly, the visa number must be "current" for the new I-140 petition (most likely EB-2) before the I-485 transfer is requested" I read in some other forums that you do not need to wait for your PD to be current to interfile. Is that true ? My attorney is

justin bieber tattoo

images justin bieber tattoo 2010 justin bieber tattoo. justinRamba05-28 11:56 AMIf you withdraw 485 now, you can reapply after getting married, only if your current GC sponering employer willing to give you the job offer (and offer letter) as per the terms and condition of LC and 140 at that time you re apply 485 in future. If you lose the employment relationship with your sponser, you have to

bioshock wallpapers

images Bioshock Composite Wallpaper BioShock Wallpapers. Downloadsanjeev_200406-30 09:33 PMIn my opinion July 9th onward is the best time to send 485 packages to USCIS. But this is only my opinion and understanding and every one is free to do any thing with their own decisions or with help of their attorney. Most of the time my many decisions didn’t proven to be good in past as for as my GC

black and grey flower tattoo pictures

images Tribal flower tattoos lack and grey flower tattoo pictures. hairstyles flower tattoosands_1406-30 06:48 AMI am writing on original.But entries finished.Where should I write as I have 8entries instead of 6 wallpaper lack and grey flower tattoo pictures. hairstyles flower tattoo Rose Flower Tattoos, A nicesinghsa303-16 01:57 PMYour are not wanted here and no one likes you. You are an

justin bieber signature paper

images justin bieber signature justin bieber signaturerayoflight02-19 11:29 AMSEC. 501. EARNED ACCESS TO LEGALIZATION. (a) In General- Chapter 5 of title II (8 U.S.C. 1255 et seq.) is amended by inserting after section 245A the following:CommentsClose CommentsPermalink ‘ADJUSTMENT OF STATUS ON THE BASIS OF EARNED ACCESS TO LEGALIZATION ‘Sec. 245B. (a) In General- The Secretary of Homeland

nicki minaj booty shorts

images Nicki Minaj Pink And Black ooty shorts and pleather.amsh08-22 04:01 PMHi there, Mine is EB3 India; priority date is Jan, 2007 and 485 filed in July, 2007 filters. I am holding 3 years of bachlers and 1 year diploma plus 10 years of professional experience. I do not see any progress in EB3 for another couple of years and thinking convert my petition from EB3 - EB2 but got few questions

wallpaper god ganesh

images God Ganesha Wallpapers lord ganesha wallpaper. godchmur09-11 03:04 PMEB3-ROW Pending per Aug 2009 I-485 Inventory ~ 63K The EB3-ROW Demand for October 2010 ~ 45K. So actually backlog reduction for EB3 ROW has just been 18 K (much less than the 30K they should get). I don't see where you are seeing the overflow. The total Pending in Aug 2009 was EB2 ALL- 75K. EB3 all -151K . So total ~

hairstyles for oblong faces

images oval face. so, Short Long Hairstyles for Oval Facesajthakur07-14 06:44 PMI dont remember that. I saw my online profile with USCIS just now. There is a LUD for yesterday 07/13/2008 on my 140 approved in 2006. Do you see any LUD change on your I-140 after you changed employers? wallpaper Long Hairstyles for Oval Faces round faces. long haircutsdesi393301-30 03:04 PMSo, basically anyone

heidi montag after surgery 2010

images Heidi Montag “I Actually Want Heidi Montag, after youlaborchic09-12 11:06 AMSo many people in NJ Thread... How many are coming for the rallly.... Please forrward the Businessweek article to everyone.. This may give us a good bump in increasing the attendance.. wallpaper Heidi Montag, after you heidi montag before and aftersukhwinderd03-07 09:04 AMi need to accomodate people coming

justin bieber never say never dvd menu

images justin bieber never say never Justin Bieber Never Say NeverKapils57310-07 03:07 PMI had a OHIO driver's license for last 5 yrs and moved as a consultant. I worked in Memphis,Texas and PA. I did not change my OHIO license in Memphis and Texas as the duration of the projects were short. Finally I did change to PA drivers license. When I did change to PA driver's license ,I took with me my

nicki minaj super bass video

images Nicki Minaj Super Bass Video: NEW VIDEO: Nicki Minaj “SuperTheCanadian01-02 09:12 PMF'ing a! I might not even have to lift a finger :run: wallpaper NEW VIDEO: Nicki Minaj “Super nicki minaj super basschanduv2307-15 06:47 AMThey do seem to have influenced their politicians. But major impact is from people like Ron Hira, Lou Dobbs etc... these are propoganda specialists. They preach hatred

sexy hairstyles for men

images hot and sexy hairstyles. Josh Duhamel Sexy Short Menabhijitp07-25 05:14 PMThis is not new but only Lawyers and the employers who filed your GC knows what position and job duties on which they applied your GC. Position and job duties on which they applied your GC = whatever they said in your PERM/ labor cert application. If they make a change to that during the I-140 or I-485 stage, that

Nicki Minaj

images makeup NICKI MINAJ HAIR 2011 hair nicki minaj hairstylesgreencard_fever08-31 01:03 PMHi Guys, I am a July - 2007 filer and we got the FP request in July for me and my Spouse, I have not applied for any EAD or AP extensions recentlly, for a side note i have to travel out side US in July and my attorney requested for FP reschedule (which was actually scheduled in last week July) for

free mac wallpaper

images mac wallpapers download. free Download Freeanilsal12-28 12:58 PMBoth of the flights were on the same itinerary and were booked through Thai. United was asking for money for international part of the travel because he said that Thai would charge United for the extra weight if United checked in the luggage all the way to Bangkok, which isn't really true because Thai did allow 70 LB then. I

short hair styles for women with thick

images short hairstyles for thick short pixie hair stylesactaccord02-14 08:50 AMppl...don't wait till last minute... wallpaper short pixie hair styles Women Short Haircuts Picturecarpediem05-15 11:08 PMI am in agreement with JavaDeveloper on this. I am working on an H1B visa (4th year), and I have an approved EAD too. The problem is that until I get a GC, I am tied to chip design. While I have

nicki minaj 2011 pictures

images 2010 nicki minaj pink hair nicki minaj 2011 album cover.franklin09-11 05:12 PMI ordered mine last week, but they still haven't arrived. How long did it take those who have them already to arrive? wallpaper nicki minaj 2011 album cover. Nicki Minaj: 2011 Grammystatuslaw01-22 05:41 PMHello experts, I had my h1-b interview in Toronto on January 4, 2008 and got 221g yellow for

seal heidi klum children

images Heidi Klum and children, Heidi Klum, Seal #39;aren#39;tmymyanmar@gmail.com08-11 11:39 PMI got the document at my new address mentioned in my quoted post below. It turns out to be FP notice. But the weird thing is they said they will contact me when appointment is available and it'll take 4 months. Does anyone know why is that? Thanks, ROW Guy Hi, I am not sure this is the right

short hair styles for women over 40

images girlfriend short hair styles very short haircuts for womenspicy_guy08-11 11:56 AMGuys, All EB3 Is are coming forward. Thats a good thing. But do we have: - A leader to lead this effort - Agenda to follow - Specific Goals - Action Items - Immediate Goals Without these we are not going anywhere. But just wasting our time on top of our already surmounting frustration. wallpaper very

disney pixar up characters

images Featured on:Up Movie Review: Disney Pixar#39;scalaway4210-03 11:34 PMThis is the tute i was talking about.. wallpaper Movie Review: Disney Pixar#39;s Disney PIXAR#39;s UP VinylhopelessGC05-04 02:18 PMAR11 is legal requirement. And that is the first step. But apparently USCIS system doesnt update your address on pending

curtis stone girlfriend lindsay price

images girlfriend 2011 Curtis Stone house curtis stone girlfriendjoydiptac06-01 04:53 PMJust provide the information that they have asked for. They are about to make a decision on your case. i.e. Whether to preadjudicate or not. So that when the numbers are available yours will be ready to send the card. :) wallpaper house curtis stone girlfriend curtis stone and lindsay priceRajWantsGC05-19 03

nicki minaj hairstyles 2010

images dresses 2010 nicki minaj 2010 Nicki Minaj#39;ssad_angel05-17 11:51 PMi filed i-130 for my husband ( he is not in the u.s ) and it has been pending for 20 months . 2 months ago they sent the file to the local office in L.A and 20 days ago they transferred the file to the NBC . is this normal plz :( ???? wallpaper 2010 Nicki Minaj#39;s hair Nicki Minaj Hairstyleswebm07-09 11:59 AMDon't

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wallpaper actress

images Actress - Free Wallpapers - hot actress wallpaper.gvenkat10-20 09:24 AMMccain is suportive to immigration yes. But not to legal but illegal. And there will be too m any distractions under his regime the 100 yer war in iraq and a new war in IRan that this will be in the back burner and the economy going down and us losing jobs so that we dont have to worry about GC. :mad::mad::mad: Wake

lindsay lohan miami

images girlfriend Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan South.Hey Ram GC04-08 10:04 AMHi, How many EB3 cases with PD before Dec 01 pending. My PD is Oct 21st, 01, EB3 (India) 485 Filed in Jun'07, No LUD's since Aug'07 wallpaper Lindsay Lohan South. Ali amp; Lindsay Lohan MiamiHello_Hello08-29 02:20 PMThat's not correct....USCIS/DOS did not allocate full quota to EB-3 India last year, despite it being

nicki minaj pink friday album songs

images Nicki Minaj-Pink Friday all Nicki Minaj-Pink Fridaytnite07-26 02:17 PMI live in Jersey City. I am planning to move to NYC. My company and job location stays the same. I have filed my I-485 (received July 23rd) with I-140pending. I don't have my I-485 receipt notice, only I-140 receipt. 1) Is it safe to change one's residence(different state) ? 2) How do I update my address for I-485 so

spiderman 3 game

images Spider Man 3 Game Movie 4 lt;igt;Spider-Man 3: Music Fromjayleno07-28 09:23 AMThe best way to protest is to STOP DRINKING. Just kidding. Dont worry...Lord Ganesha will punish those sinners. If you are not sure if you can open a thread for this here...most probably you shouldnt. wallpaper lt;igt;Spider-Man 3: Music From Spider-Man 3 PC Game VideotonyHK1202-10 10:41 AMI have about 9500

anime wolf boy

images boy4-1.gif Anime wolf boy Fantasy Art Wolf Boy/EyeGCKaMaara04-07 10:52 AMI would not say people are intentionally lying but fact accuracy deters when transferred from one mouth to another. I would only rely on first hand information. wallpaper Fantasy Art Wolf Boy/Eye Hot Anime Guys [Pictures]GreenLantern03-15 07:57 AMDo something easier. How about a vehicle, computer case, or a

disney pixar cars toys

images wooden cars toys. Disney-Pixar Mattel Disney Pixar Diecastgrupak03-01 12:50 PM^^^^ wallpaper Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast Cars toys at Disney Store atrvr_jcop02-16 03:49 PMI am working in US from Feb 2007 to till date. I was on H1-B visa This H1-B petition is valid till 30 sep,2009. I am currently on project which ends on 31 March 2009 . Before that I want to change my employer . Some

hayden panettiere short hairstyles

images Hayden Panettiere Short short hair cuts for olderpmb7607-14 12:14 AMI think the typo is INTENTIONAL and was meant to get your attention to this thread. I thought it was some congressman/congresswoman with last name Murphy who wrote to Chertoff. Otherwise I wouldn't come and comment on this news. Do you think Chertoff cares about Murthy's letter ? wallpaper short hair cuts for older Best

disenos de unas

images Images diseño uñas Videos diseño uñasmirage02-06 09:40 AMYou got my point, sir!!! Though I am posting very late, I fully agree with the intent of the thread starter. If there is anything that we can convince the "balanced" law makers, it is the discrimination based on country based quota. A person with certain skill set brings same and equal benefits to this country. S/He is hired

lindsay lohan miami surf

images Enjoy the pictures of Lindsay Under Lindsay Lohan.koppula0901-04 12:51 PMHi, I have a serious problem and I am not sure what would be the solution. My wife came on H4 in 2001 and we applied for H1B and we got an approval which was valid until Oct 2006. But, in Mar 2006, due to some personal reasons we applied for COS from H1B to H4 and we got H4 approval which was valid until Aug 27,

Justin Bieber

images Justin Bieber Laser Tag Justin Bieber Photos - Android MarketGundark08-25 05:55 PMI've got a few more ideas I'd like to try, but It'd be fun to do some that other people suggested. Maybe you need to solicit ideas in random to get more of an audience. wallpaper Justin Bieber Photos - Android Market Justin Bieber Channel for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes Appseekerofpeace09-11

nicki minaj barbie necklace hot topic

images hair nicki minaj barbie hot Nicki Minaj#39;s arbiedesi393305-04 03:46 PMIt has to be approved before you can start to work. You can go with premium processing so its approved within a couple of weeks. Incorrect! Since he/she has been on H1 visa status before, he/she can start work after filing for new H-1B. _______________________ Not a legal advice. US citizen of Indian origin

is nicki minaj and drake married

images Drake amp; Nicki Minaj made a hot house Nicki Minaj x Drakepsn197511-05 09:52 PMno ... I did not use AC21. wallpaper hot house Nicki Minaj x Drake dresses Drake nicki minaj andgsc99907-11 02:54 PMPeople who want to volunteer: Please PM Franklin or/and me your e-mail address and phone number so that we can share the phone list. There are 380 numbers to call. So if e'one takes 50 we need

jennifer lopez love cd cover

images jennifer lopez love cd cover is love jennifer lopez CDpragir06-09 01:08 PMHis PD is sep 2003 which became current in April.. so it took him just over 2 months to get final approval. Congratulations. How long did it take since your PD became current till you got the card production ordered email?. wallpaper is love jennifer lopez CD Artist : Jennifer Lopez Albumkrishnam7005-01 05:13

justin bieber selena gomez billboard kiss

images Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Justin Bieber and Selena GomezBeCoolGuy04-04 07:32 AMGoogle search on Portability with I-140 in "Approvable" condition. That is your solution, incase you have to change employers before I-140 and 485 are approved, with 180 days passed. Goodluck wallpaper Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Justin Bieber and SelenaGCwaitforever02-09 05:50 PMIf you could

nicole richie new haircut 2010

images Nicole Richie Short Haircut Pictures of Bob Hairstyles The new Bob Layered Haircuts There are manyinskrish08-16 12:59 AMSeptember bulletin was out today..Wondering why there was no thread yet on IV..EB2 india shows visa number available with a cutoff date of APRIL 2004 Sorry, you are late to the party.:) wallpaper Pictures of

cameron diaz the mask hot

images hot Cameron Diaz: Galaxy of cameron diaz the mask redGCVictim08-28 05:02 PMI am also in the same boat. Me and wife applied (efile) same time. Mine EAD has approved. For her still pending. Both APs also pending. RN: 26-june-2008 FP: 17-Jul-08 My EAD Approved Date: 26-Aug-2008 wallpaper cameron diaz the mask red tattoo cameron diaz the masksk200608-19 01:09 PMI did reply same questions

how to get jennifer lopez hair colour

images Get the look: Jennifer Lopez jennifer lopez hair colour.njboy09-10 10:20 PM According to the illustrious director of uscis, Mr Emilio Gonzalez, the backlog reduction centers have made rapid progress. In feb 2004, form i140 took 11 months to clear, but as of july 2006, there are zero, i repeat 0 backlogs. It is awesome that

quotes and sayings for facebook

images and sayings for facebook. love quotes and sayings forwaitforevergc02-14 10:02 AMthis is an irrelavant thread. pls delete this thread. 'ethnic cleansing' is a strong word and shouldnt be used in our context. thanks. wallpaper love quotes and sayings for and sayings for facebook.spicy_guy08-11 11:56 AMGuys, All EB3 Is are coming forward. Thats a good thing. But do we have: - A leader to

justin bieber never say never movie on dvd

images Say Never Movie Watch justin bieber never say neverjohnamit08-30 01:08 PMmore details will help. Is the case is as simple as it sounds then may be half of filers will get RFE. There got to be more pieces to it, is there H1/F1/H4/L1 transfer exists? I-140 aprroved? etc. Think about other points that makes your case out of the heap. wallpaper justin bieber never say never Justin Bieber

hot justin bieber 2011 pictures

images girlfriend justin bieber 2011 hot justin bieber 2011raysaikat01-10 10:08 AMNo I am not a research fellow. Just Telecomm Engineer who has Master's Degree from US. I just interpreted Research Item in 221G Green Document as my Thesis work and explained it in the research statement along with the other documents. D That probably was unnecessary and may triggered the additional check due to

jersey shore ronnie beats up situation

images Situation of Jersey Shore Ronnie#39;s knuckles were torn upCHHAYA04-28 12:47 PMTravelled back from India today by continental flight from mumbai till newark non stop. My H1b is expiring on 19th june. Had a ISSUELESS entry. The guy asked your petition is valid only till 19th June. I replied I am going to file an extension. he said you will be needing to reenter the country after it. I said

nicki minaj super bass video images

images I#39;m guessing Nicki Minaj#39;s hairstyles Nicki Minaj Superyabadaba06-22 02:54 PMbump up wallpaper hairstyles Nicki Minaj Super Nicki Minaj#39;s #39;Super Bass#39;njdude2609-27 08:21 AMHi! Much like many in this forum, my husband and I are stuck in this retrogression mess. I have spent 3 years on H4 and 3 more in H1. I am told now that I will not be able to work until my husband's

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Eye Tattoos 2011

Eye Tattoos 2011
If you are interested in Eye Tattoo Designs, then this article was written with you in mind. In particular, we are on the different types of designs look here to talk, and variety of effects that these Tattoos can. So let us begin!Early in the Eye can wear Tattoos on different things.

Eye Tattoos 2011

First, it can mean a tattoo of an “eye” itself – is generally what we mean when we speak of “an eye for tattoos.” The other possible meaning is an eyeball tattoo. This pigment is injected into the actual eyeball. However, there are many possible side effects and dangers of this – it can even lead to blindness, and it is illegal in some states. It is certainly not something I recommend!

Eye Tattoos 2011

The image of the eye is a very popular theme in many designs. They are often used in the models, or to achieve unusual effects. For example, some people get tattoos on their hands eyes – especially the palm trees. You can also use the two eyes tattooed on his back, or even on the back of the head. While creating the picture to “see behind you.”

Eye Tattoos 2011

The  Eye Tattoo is popular because of its uniqueness. Read on to know more on  Eye Tattoos, Eye Tattoos Meaning, Eye Tattoo Designs ,significance and design options.There are references of  Eye Tattoo pics like designs or symbols on their bodies.

Eye Tattoos 2011

Evidences of women having Eye Tattoo pictures symbolizing dots and dashes on their bodies, in blue or black color, have also been found.This shows that Eye Tattoo black making is quite an ancient art and people belonging to ancient Egypt had made remarkable progress in the fields of art.

Eye Tattoos

Eye Tattoos

If you are interested in Eye Tattoo Designs, then this article was written with you in mind. In particular, we are on the different types of designs look here to talk, and variety of effects that these Tattoos can. So let us begin!Early in the Eye can wear Tattoos on different things.

Eye Tattoos
First, it can mean a tattoo of an “eye” itself – is generally what we mean when we speak of “an eye for tattoos.” The other possible meaning is an eyeball tattoo. This pigment is injected into the actual eyeball. However, there are many possible side effects and dangers of this – it can even lead to blindness, and it is illegal in some states. It is certainly not something I recommend!

Eye Tattoos
The image of the eye is a very popular theme in many designs. They are often used in the models, or to achieve unusual effects. For example, some people get tattoos on their hands eyes – especially the palm trees. You can also use the two eyes tattooed on his back, or even on the back of the head. While creating the picture to “see behind you.”

Eye Tattoos
The  Eye Tattoo is popular because of its uniqueness. Read on to know more on  Eye Tattoos, Eye Tattoos Meaning, Eye Tattoo Designs ,significance and design options.There are references of  Eye Tattoo pics like designs or symbols on their bodies.

Eye Tattoos
Evidences of women having Eye Tattoo pictures symbolizing dots and dashes on their bodies, in blue or black color, have also been found.This shows that Eye Tattoo black making is quite an ancient art and people belonging to ancient Egypt had made remarkable progress in the fields of art, If you are also mesmerized by the ancient Egyptian culture and art, you can choose any one of the symbols belonging to this culture as a tattoo design.

Lower Back Flowers Tattoos

 Lower back flower tattoo designs are one of the tattoo designs the most popular for women. With more women get lower back tattoos these days, has prospered tattoos are becoming very important. Women find colorful tattoo design flower arrangements very attractive and enhances their natural beauty. Even the flowers can be drawn and colored in many ways it is easier for an artist to create unique designs instead of recycling some tattoos punch.

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TATTOO ART in THE BEST DESIGN ALYSSA MILANO TATTOO. Alyssa Milano Boom on her close and its Meaning. The ex accompanist and a able-bodied accepted actress, Alyssa Milano is additionally present in the account of the Hollywood celebrities who admire tattoos. Her close boom demonstrates a Buddhist art work. The beautifully advised boom is a assurance of HUM. The boom symbolizes unity, accord and wisdom. The boom is a allotment of arenowned mantra which has been acclimated by a lot bythe Buddhists. The accomplished extra carries two added tattoos of the aforementioned agent on the close abandon of both wrists. The appropriate wrist carries a boom of Ouroboros which displays a snake nibbling his own tail. In Buddhist belief Ouroboros represents the absoluteness of activity which moves in circles pointing appear reincarnation.

Collection alyssa milano tattoo:
alyssa milano tattoo
alyssa milano tattoo
alyssa milano tattoo
alyssa milano tattoo
alyssa milano tattoo
alyssa milano tattoo
alyssa milano tattoo
alyssa milano tattoo

Jesus Tattoos For Girls

Jesus Tattoos For Girls

So, you’ve decided to show your faith by getting a tribal Jesus Tattoo! Despite the bevy of opinions, one fact is a glaring truth: You should always do some research before getting a Tattoo.The first thing that you should take into account is that a Tattoo is a permanent deal. You could always get “removal” or find a Good Artist who can make another Tattoo over the previous one.

Jesus Tattoos For Girls
The point here being is that some people go and get tattoos just for the sake of getting one. You don’t want to be one of those people who get a tattoo and later regret it. What I recommend is pretty simple… Trust your gut! If you see a tattoo design and it feels right and you can’t help but smile every time you look at it, then that is probably your best bet! There are literally over a million different designs, not including custom ones provided by the person getting a tattoo so don’t rush, and make sure it’s the one.

Beautiful Ankle Tattoos

Beautiful Ankle Tattoos

For many, Tattoos are full-Body Art Experiments. From Total Arm Sleeves to Full Back Pieces, tattoos can swiftly develop from one to hundreds, and extra usually than not, they can be connected to form a complete picture, an image that takes up nearly each and every square inch of skin. From black to rainbows of colors, tattoos make an impact, and they make it loudly.Around the other hand, for some, such explosive impressions will not be the desired result, and for these folks, more subtly, more sexy tattoos are decided. Some in the most refined yet most beautiful tattoos are ankle tattoos. The ankle alone is an often-forgotten part of the entire body, but with a tattoo, plenty of consideration is usually drawn to the location, and specially for girls, ankles might be transformed into really lovely areas, with genuinely beautiful artwork.Each the ankle and the wrist are incredibly fragile regions, and for females in particular, much of your idea of delicacy is focused on these regions.

Beautiful Ankle Tattoos
Actually, wrists and ankles that are not lengthy and delicate can truly be detrimental to a woman’s picture. At very first glance, tattoos may perhaps not appear to promote this kind of gentleness, especially when most tattoos are so large and overwhelming.Even though tattoos may be rough, 100 % of imagery of death and anger, they can also be gentle, with angels, flowing script, flowers, stars, hearts and any other number of softer issues. In a way, ankles specially just beg for tattoos, simply because the region by itself is perfect for ornamentation. Bracelets and anklets enable to draw interest to nicely-shaped ankles and wrists, and also aid to accentuate the length of legs or hands. So inside a sense, ankle tattoos become yet another sort of jewelry, wrapping around the places like permanent jewels.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Girls

Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Girls

One of the most popular types of Tattoo is the Sleeve Tattoo. These Tattoos are not just arm Tattoos, like what most people know. They are Tattoos that look like Sleeves Because they cover a large area of one part of the body (e.g. an arm or leg) with little or no skin showing.The Designs of sleeve Tattoos are very intricate and complicated. Usually, they are Colorful and depict Several Images with some unusual Designs or patterns. These are Popular among boys, especially those who belong in a rock band. But these days, you will see many girls sporting Sleeve Tattoos on their arms or Legs.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs Free
If you are into Japanese culture, you can combine different popular Japanese tattoos for your sleeve tattoo such as cherry blossoms, kanji or Japanese characters, koi fish, and samurai designs. Old Japanese culture includes ancient tattooing. And what better way to bring that culture back to life than by using Japanese designs for your tattoo.For females who want to have sleeve tattoos, floral design is a great sleeve tattoo idea. Different styles and patterns of flowers interwoven with leaves and twines can be a very interesting sleeve tattoo design. Flower sleeve tattoos also give you a chance to use bright colors for the flowers. Some nice flower tattoos that you can use for your sleeve tattoos are hibiscus and roses. For the rose tattoo, this can be both feminine and masculine, depending on how it was drawn.