Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nautical Star Tattoos-star of david

As you tattoo lovers know the star tattoo and the music note tattoos are the most popular so I thought as I lay in bed last night "I will write a blog about Nautical Star Tattoos as they are pretty cool" And yes it is a sad life lying in bed alone on a Saturday night thinking about Nautical Star Tattoos, I need to get more and get a life.

blue nautical star tattoosNautical star tattoos that have four points supposedly originated from sailors. Some dispute the fact that it relates to a compass. A compass shows north, south, east, and west directions, which holds four points. This is also true for eight points, since today's compass points to southwest, southeast, northeast and northwest.

meaning of nautical star tattoosFive pointed stars are also known as a pentagram which represents power but it also has a very misunderstood meaning.

pictures of nautical star tattoos
Religious folk say that the proper nautical star comes with six points; this is based on the belief that the Star of David had with six points. Also symbolizing the six points is the Pagan God Rampant.

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