Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dragon Tattoos Girls

Dragon tattoos were initially more popular among men due to their broad and masculine designs. But with growing popularity they have became the favorite tattoo designs among women. Many of the female celebrities have sculpted dragon tattoos on their body, which includes Angelina Jolie with dragon tattoo on her left arm. As mentioned earlier, Japanese and Chinese dragon are popular choices for dragon tattoos. There are several types of dragons that come under these two chief categories. Given below is a brief information on both these dragon tattoo designs for women.

A dragon is nothing but a fantasy creature, that is said to have a serpent or reptile like body, sharp claws and power to emit fire through its mouth. The concepts and beliefs related to dragon differ in different parts of the world. Moreover, dragons are classified into various groups. Eastern dragon and Western dragon are two basic types of dragons. An eastern dragon is said to be God’s messenger who protects the mass, while a western dragon is believed to be an evil spirit. Eastern dragon was worshiped by the people living in eastern hemisphere, for quite a long period of time. Japanese and Chinese dragons are two important types of Eastern Dragons. All these dragons have typical features and colors, that depict unique meanings associated with them. Let us take a look at some of the famous dragon tattoos for girls.

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