Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bridal Makeup Tips

Eye color varies from black to brown to blue to green and other colors different eye make up different cases. Make the need even more perfect by the time the wedding. Wedding day every bride wants to look better and make-up plays a big role in that. This article talks about tips for the bride make up green eyes. Before you start with the tips is one thing I want to say that the green eye brides are very beautiful to look at and can look all the way more beautiful with makeup the right eye. Now let's go through to give tips that seem interesting to the eyes green bride.

Colors and shades of perfect:
First of all, remember that form should enhance the beauty green eyes instead of toning them so use whichever colors and shadows should bring out the beauty of the eyes. Dark-eyed bride should choose light colors. Similarly, darker shades are best for the bride light green eyes. Colors that should be used to make up eyes green and peach, violet, purple, brown, bronze, purple and beige. Use shades of taupes, coral and mocha and lilies of the eye shadow. These colors and shadows give the effect of a large green eyes.

Eye shadow tips:

During the application of eye shadow selection of light color to distinguish the application. Magenta is to distinguish the good from the green for the eyes. Apply to the stroke and one thick to the bone class and then apply equally to all parts of the bones. Follow-up by the darker, such as deep purple, which will be applied to the crease in the eyes. Mix well until it is applied evenly across the crease. Green eyes look amazing through the application of a set of deep violet and lilac.

Eyeliner / eye pencil application tips:
The application of a solution or eye pencil after application of eye shadow. Although you can also work with the eye shadow only if you want to look simple. Colors that are best suited for the lining of the eye or eye pencil shades are gold, dark gray, peach, violet, or shades of brown and bronze. And should be applied to the liner or pencil before it descends smoothly on the eyelid. The same applies to the lower eyelid as well as on the outside edge. Let solution dry completely and avoid flashing at the same time to avoid smudging.

Tips for applying Mascara:
Use brown mascara or shadow on a transparent green eyes. Uniform application of mascara all over and let it dry completely.

This is to complete the make up tips for the bride green eyes. Follow these tips to create a different statement in the wedding.

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