Friday, October 7, 2011

Nobel Peace Prize

President Barack Obama's desire to face the insecurity and fabrications of the Bush administration makes him a worthy recipient, and clear the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Prize was awarded in the past for those who fight injustice and restore hope.

Obama has been repaired many damaged the reputation of the United States and restore the hope of Americans and people everywhere who opposed the acts of anti-democratic and authoritarian Bush administration. In less than a year, and that he personally revived the indispensable role of the United States for the renewal of multilateral diplomacy, arms control and disarmament, human rights and civil rights.

The Bush administration created a strategic nightmare for U.S. interests at home and abroad over the past eight years. Iraq war is still in the midst of this nightmare, and President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney worked diligently to create and employ strategic disinformation campaign to convince Congress and the American people the necessity of war. Still manipulated the American people (and the international community) is not fully understood, but their lies and deception has become conventional wisdom to the mainstream media, and falsely linking Saddam Hussein's attacks 11 / 9 and the Iraqis to Al Qaeda.

The number of Americans believed their lives in Iraq already advertising on these
links, as well as outright lies and fabrications about the enriched uranium in Iraq, and aluminum tubes for nuclear testing, and mobile biological laboratories. Established the Central Intelligence Agency these lies in a letter to Secretary of State Colin Powell, who was extradited to the United Nations several weeks ago only the start of the war on Iraq.

Was offset by the Bush administration's abuse of the intelligence community to make the false case for war, the politicization of the agency almost in the arena of national security. In addition to the politicization of intelligence to make the case for war, brought the CIA into a world of secret prisons and torture and ill-treatment, and extraordinary rendition. In the act of raw cynicism, and gave President Bush the President's Award for the spread of freedom, the highest honor that can be bestowed on the civil in the federal government, the Central Intelligence Agency Director George Tenet, to whom these policies.

Established the National Security Agency is illegal interference in the privacy of Americans with the NSA program without a warrant, which was more comprehensive than it was leading us to believe. (New York Times covered up this story for more than a year). The developer of the policy director of the National Security Agency, Michael V. Hayden, who was confirmed and then director of the CIA with a question inspired by the Congress about his role in wiretapping without judicial authorization.

Used the FBI and the Patriot Act for more than 30000 issue of "national security" letters annually to individuals and companies, which requires telecommunications companies and financial institutions illegally to reveal private information about its customers. The FBI conducted an aggressive campaign of racial profiling against Arabs and Muslims that led to nowhere.

I played defense a key role in the campaign of politicization, and the creation of the Office of Special Plans and the fight against terrorism, the evaluation team to circulate the false intelligence of no value, and make the case for war. Also established the Ministry of Defense and Intelligence Field Activity conducting anti-illegal surveillance on U.S. citizens near U.S. military installations or in the presence of anti-war meetings.

Created by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is a legal fact-gathering process

called TALON (Threat and Local Observation Notice) to collect "raw information" about "suspicious incidents." Readers will not "farm animals" be amusing. Obama was certainly not, it was over secret prisons and torture and ill-treatment, and not to politicize the Justice Department to make sure that the renditions (and there have been any since the start of his term) and accompanied by judicial review and the military to respect the sovereignty of American citizens.

Obama has taken systematically on these circuits in an attempt to disarm the national security policy. Will find the army slowing growth in the bloated defense budgets, real arms control and disarmament with Russia, rejected the demands of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, 40.000 to 50.000 for more troops in Afghanistan. Fortun`tely, the president understands the costs of material, financial and emotional for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. On Saturday, the President promised to put an end to the policy of U.S. President Bill Clinton of hypocrisy, "do not ask, do not tell", which increased from landfills gays in the military, and suddenly ended the service of men fighting and nearly 13,000 women.

The Central Intelligence Agency to accept the release of the torture memos as well as the Justice Department to investigate those officers and the CIA who torture and ill-treatment in excess of the guidelines of the Ministry of Justice. Obama rejected the objections of seven managers and former Central Intelligence Agency in this investigation. Central Intelligence Agency had intelligence strategy still have flaws, but not because the White House calls for the politicization of the intelligence product.

Obama also inherited many false representation of the Bush era, which damaged the interests of the United States. And almost forgotten "axis of evil" speech of January 2002 shows the damage to the policies of President Bush has not to our vital interests. Following the attacks of 11 / 9, and involved the United States and Iran successfully in secret talks to deal with the chaos in Afghanistan in the wake of the overthrow of the Taliban.

He was impressed by the Iranians to cooperate with us and to bolster the new Afghan government under Hamid Karzai. Fortunately for our interests, and Iran was held in house arrest, the heart of the former Afghan Prime Minister Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, one of the leaders of the mujahideen and the most brutal and one of the largest recipients of U.S. aid throughout the 1980s. Hekmatyar and his followers represented a major threat to the Karzai government, and we wanted him moved from house arrest for the arrest of the real and eventually transfer to the custody of Afghan authorities.

Following President Bush's "axis" speech, but which is associated with absurdly Iraq and North Korea and Iran, the Tehran government released Hekmatyar returned to Afghanistan, where he resumed his leadership of the Party organization i Islami, is one of the deadliest rebel forces in eastern Afghanistan. U.S. forces take the highest casualties in eastern Afghanistan since the invasion in eight years ago. President Obama's new open with Iran allow the United States to restore the bilateral dialogue for the period after 11 / 9.

In less than a year, had reflected the actions of President Obama to largely increase the anti-Americanism and the decline of American influence that occurred in the wake of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. The Nobel Peace Prize enhance its credibility, as well as the credibility of American diplomacy. May be accused of editorial writers caves of the Nobel Committee as "trapped in the adulation of adolescents from Obama" (Financial Times) or description of "ignorance of certain of America" ​​(Washington Post), but a promise from the table Obama's International has intransigent countries that seemed frozen in time to try to to join the dialogue that Obama has begun.

In the past few months, took the leaders in Iran and North Korea and Cuba, and Burma, and even the steps that enhance its international status. On Saturday, re-Turkey and Armenia, which had been urged by the Obama administration, diplomatic relations between them and re-open the border, closed since 1993. Nobel Peace Prize, gives moral weight and credibility to those who are fighting to end injustice and to activate the international harmonization.

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