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Skin Cancer

It is estimated that more than 1 million new cases occur annually. It was also estimated that nearly half of all Americans who live in the age of 65 will develop skin cancer at least once. Two most common forms of skin cancer and basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. They account for about 96% of all skin cancers diagnosed. Together, and is also noted that these two nonmelanoma skin cancer. Is called a surgical method which is often used to treat nonmelanoma skin cancer, Mohs surgery. These specialized surgical technique involves removing the tumor is very visible first and then successive layers of the skin at a time until no longer reveals the microscopic examination for cancer cells. This process is performed while the patient was under local anesthesia. Remove and examine each layer takes about one hour, with much of this time spent looking at the skin removed. When you're done, you are dealing with the surgical wound as needed. Treatment may include closing the wound with stitches, which covers the surgical site with skin from another area of ​​the body (skin graft), and moving healthy skin from the area adjacent to cover the surgical wounds (skin flap). Mohs surgery, but is not the only way to successfully treat skin cancer? Had surgery on his nose, eyelids, ears, lips, causing deformities require surgery under general anesthesia to keep the natural look. Local system with Flexitron is an effective alternative treatment for BCC (Basel cell carcinoma) and SCC (squamous cell carcinoma) skin cancer and the need to stay away from surgery. It also has more of the advantages of surgery for patients with a large number of pests, and elderly patients or patients who are unfit for work otherwise, and advantages over radiation therapy outside because they require time shorter treatment and side effects is less.

In recent years, the prevailing wisdom was that it was necessary, especially for the fair - and individuals with skin that during peak hours and / or in the tropics, and wash and wear sunscreen and protective clothing. On the advice of doctors, dermatologists, billions of people have started buying lotions and sunscreen for themselves and their children, and rates of skin cancer, even among children, and began to arrive. But what is the cause of all this skin cancer? Is all due to the ozone layer of our liquidity, as is generally believed that most of us? It may be that the chemicals in sunscreens may themselves have contributed in one way or another?
When I first heard the theory that sunscreens cause skin cancer, and I, like many, so indoctrinated in the "sunscreen and protect" the camp that the idea seems almost heresy. The man who told me about it, however, was a doctor very thoughtful, intelligent and well read the word that I can trust. Was a voracious reader and curiosity, and cited as evidence the situation in Australia and myself and also suggested I read (a good sign in my books). He submitted for the first time collectively and sunscreen, to me, in Australia, and the ensuing rise in the incidence of skin cancer, when represented in the graph looks almost identical to the graph, expressing the increased use of the sun. Many, many scientists, he said to me, are beginning to make a connection between the harmful chemicals in most commercial sunscreens that get absorbed through the skin and the formation of skin cancers so prevalent today. This same doctor went on to tell me that the sun burns allows the body's natural defenses against the sun to build, and it was the sun blister on the nose, in fact, which prompted the conversation. He said he would not allow his children clothes and sunscreen. What should we do? Until the air cleared, so to speak, and there are other precautions that we can take to protect ourselves from the stronger and more damage from the sun. We can wear protective clothing such as sleeves, and in the light of the long and wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses quality, we are able to stay away from the sun when it is in its strongest form, and limit the duration of exposure we have. We can choose natural products and chemical-free sunscreen. While getting some sun is without a doubt for us - we are essential in the formation of vitamin D and vital for the health of our hearts and our minds - we can choose to take reasonable precautions have also discussed and keep our skin beautiful and healthy for many years to come.

When I was a kid, there were probably not said much about the protection from the sun. Most of us remember the long, sunny day on the beach or on holiday, where we got a very bad sunburned, and he was sitting at things for a day or two after that. And it seemed like just the experience of normal childhood is harmful, so we grew up and found that not only is not a skin damage exposure and skin cancer, but this damage is cumulative, meaning that everything from exposure to the sun we had was more of our lives has been added to the latter. It is said that this amount of longevity with several bad burns during childhood, as well as some genetic factors and lifestyle, and put some of the most vulnerable to skin cancer. Three most dangerous skin cancers are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and skin cancer more commonly known.
If your eyes and skin sensitive to sunlight, and this indicates that your body is toxic. Perhaps your effort later to avoid the sun due to a lack in the light of the gravity, which can lead tn serious health problems. The fact that all types of cancer on the rise when introduced sunscreens is not surprising. To UV light entering through the eyes and stimulates the immune system. Today, more than 50 percent of the population of the United States wear eyeglasses or sun-proof, which is able to block most ultraviolet radiation. Latest fashion to wear glasses plastic, which also prevents the UV light. The same holds true for contact lenses from plastic. Indoor activities, sunscreens, clothing, and UV blocking windows, and so we make sure we get a little of that. Without exposure to sunlight, regular, however, the immune system reduces the effectiveness with each year of age. With the rays of the sun, and the use of oxygen in the tissues of the body increases, but without it, our cells begin to starve for oxygen. This leads to cellular defects, premature aging, and even death. Deprived of a balanced diet sun, we tend to look for help elsewhere, although nature is ready to treat us at any time. It is very unfortunate that most of them are kept of the patients in their homes, often with curtains and windows closed. One of the most powerful forces of nature preventive and therapeutic for all there is to be used.
In nature, and the oil never in large quantities. Get one tablespoon of corn oil in the form of a natural and you would have to eat the ears of corn, 12-18. Since the extraction of oil from corn, grains, seeds, and it became possible 80-90 years ago, increased consumption of trans fats and saturated fats (fish oils), cooking oils and enormous power in the industrialized world. The average person today consumes 16 times more of these fat people did 90 years ago. (Easy on the digestive system to deal with the oil expelled from the foods that contain a higher concentration of oil, such as olive, coconut, avocado, etc., than the nuts and small seeds such as almonds and linseeds) and this does not include all other fats in the absence of the day foods.The exercise, fresh air, and foods rich in nutrients making it less possible for a person to deal with such large amounts of fat is normal. It weakens the authority of the digestive system and lead to the accumulation of toxins and the subsequent crisis of toxicity. The presence of excessive amounts of free radicals suggests that the body is full of toxins. Once you enter the tissues of the skin, and even on the short-term exposure to UV radiation can burn and destroy skin cells.
And the person who consumed polyunsaturated fats in the diet for him, and exposing the skin to UV radiation is the degree of redness produce hormones like substances called prostaglandins from linoleic acid in fat. Prostaglandins suppress the immune system, which contributes to tumor growth. In addition, the polyunsaturated fats that accompanied the production of free radicals, which can damage cells. If you have added sunscreens to the skin, you have the right combination of chemicals for the production of skin cancer, particularly in the areas that are more exposed to the sun more than others.
We must understand that if we were supposed to spend the greater part of our secret and hidden from the open air, and socially that appear only at night, then the nature and arranged because we are born rodents, not humans. Fluorescent lighting may save some money, but it takes a greater toll on your health. A link was established between the emission of ultraviolet radiation from the roof matches the high risk of skin cancer melanoma of the American Journal of Epidemiology.
It is interesting to note that some of the most important places in the United States, such as Phoenix, Arizona, has the highest rates of skin cancer, but not because it is skin exposure to sunlight. Researchers tend to easily link the rates of skin cancer frightening to the sun, and the fact that some of these areas are the most important and sunniest in the country. But to make in haste, without careful observation to arrive, without exhausting all possible parameters is foolish and illogical. Maximum temperatures in many parts of this year, retains most of the people in their homes during the day. As a result, despite the fact that there are a lot of sunshine, and people avoid it, and the development of health problems including cancers of the incomplete and not vice versa. There are now hundreds of scientific studies show that lack of vitamin D is one of the leading causes of cancer, including malignant melanomas. However, do not expect to hear about these studies from those who make their living from the sale of sunscreens you treat cancer. It's a trillion dollars and trade is too big to fail.
Conducted researcher Dr. Helen Shaw and her team study of skin cancer at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and the Melanoma Clinic at Sydney Hospital in Sydney and found that office workers had twice the rate of spread of cancer killer and the people who work outdoors. The findings, published in 1982 by the Lancet British Medical Journal. Dr. Shaw has proved that those who have spent most of their time in the exposure to natural sunlight may even now less vulnerable to the risk of skin cancer. In sharp contrast with those who live or work abroad, and office workers, who have been subjected to artificial light during most hours of work, the risk of higher incidence of skin cancer developing. I also discovered that fluorescent lights cause mutations in animal cells cultures.
Research led by Dr. Shaw to the conclusion that in both Australia and Great Britain, and the rates of skin cancer is high among office workers, professionals and workers are low in the open air. In other words, the Australians and the British (and the rest of us) would be better off spending more time outside, where there is a lot of UV rays! Similar studies were conducted to control in the Faculty of Law at New York University of Medicine, which confirmed the results of the research evidence, Dr. Shaw.
Fluorescent lighting has also been known to cause eye problems and headaches, such as night blindness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and irritability. It was also noted that increasing the brightness of the fluorescent light leads to high stress levels by raising the levels of the hormone cortisol.
In a study of U.S. Navy personnel between 1974 and 1984, researchers found a higher incidence of skin cancer among the sailors, who have the internal functions of those outside of work. Showed that working at home and abroad, the most protective, with 24 per cent less than the national average in the United States. Because none of the sailors spend their day outside the whole, can not be to determine whether being outside every day and provide the highest degree of protection.
How to choose the best blinds and sunscreen are some facts that are not as popular as protective from the sun itself!
We have a high rate of skin cancer, and there was a significant increase in the use of sunscreen as a means of protection from the suns UV rays. Started for the first time I notice all use sunscreen about 16 years ago when my daughter started school. We had to send the rays of the sun along with it for all outdoor activities. I personally was not a source of concern around the sun until the last years of my life. It took when I did, he told me a long time to understand that we are fed a lot of inaccurate information and partial of the industry and the sunscreen as a whole. Unfortunately, providing the best sunscreen in the protection of our health and is not a major concern. I'm sure you know what I'm going to say next ... Most of these companies are all about profit!
Achieve one of nearly 1,000 brand name sunscreens found that four out of five do not provide adequate protection and contain ingredients suspected chemical. It may come as a surprise to you that some of the leading countries, trademarks are in fact the name of the top of the poorest performers.
... Are you ready for some facts and sunscreen more than that? I looked at a couple of the most popular sunscreens "chemical free" which can be found on the shelf in most pharmacies and health food stores. I will not give their names, but here's what I found.
Which included a `` Damethykon basis of chemical and non-hazardous and contains a small amount of toxicity. However, it may cause irritation in contact with skin and eyes. Have shown Damethykon also cause tumors and unusual changes in the experimental work with animals.
Sunscreen and the other contained aluminum hydroxide, which is non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin on, because `they do not penetrate the skin of your skin '. But you do not want to have anyone take any one of these things! What I mean is some very strange young children put a lot of unusual things in their mouths that they should not.
Why should they have to add these components if it is possible to make the rays of the sun without `` questionable ingredients? Well let's go back to the word `` profit ... Less expensive to manufacture and sunscreen with them.
There are new curtains in the market relatively recently discovered and ...... Guess what if someone was to eat, and you do not need to worry at all. Just read the ingredients and see for yourself.
It's called Sunumbra. If you are a survivor of skin cancer yourself and are concerned about the recurrence of ... Or if you just want the best sunscreen to provide protection for the health and maximize the benefits of vitamin D is still, I recommend you give this one a try. Maximize your vitamin D from the sun and the benefits of sunscreen is something that companies usually do not bring up.
Found on the classification of more than 500 products and sunscreen that 92 percent did not provide protection from the sun satisfactory in terms of safety and effectiveness. The study, conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a nonprofit organization based in Washington, points the finger to the boom in the exaggerated claims of more than 50 SPF and new disclosures about the hazardous components. Early in the year 2007, published Food and Drug Administration that would project the companies are not allowed to put signs and sunscreens with a rating of SPF 50 +. The agency feels that anything higher than SPF 50 + will be "misleading in itself" because that "there is no guarantee that certain values ​​are the same in fact true ..." Products with high SPF gives a false sense of security which led to users to stay in the sun for longer with one application and when you get to burning chemicals and products' break, wash or rub off on clothes and towels. The result is that UV-absorbing more and receive the same number of sunburn and unprotected sunbathers.
The second main issue with the sunscreens in these days is the two products found in many sunscreens.
Have been investigated by the FDA form of vitamin A called palmitate retinyl, found in 41 percent of sunscreens, it is suspected to accelerate skin damage and increase the risk of skin cancer when applied to skin exposed to sunlight.
The other is oxybenzone, a compound found in hormone disable about 60 percent of 500 sunscreens analysis. Product enters the bloodstream through the skin barrier. The surveys revealed oxybenzone biological monitoring in the bodies of 97 percent of Americans tested.
What is recommended in order to stay safe in the sun? Some of these recommendations include the selection and use sunscreen properly, as well as other options for sun protection available.

1. Look for zinc, metal or titanium dioxide in the sun

2. Avoid high SPF.Stay with SPF 15-50 + as suitable for your skin type for. Use SPF 30 + from the beach, swimming, and the application often

3. Resistantfor water beach, pool and exercise

4. Apply early. Martin A. Weinstock, professor of dermatology at Brown University recommends applying sunscreen half an hour before going outdoors and applied every few hours.

5. Applied in sufficient quantities. Studies show that people apply an average of only a quarter of the amount required. The effectiveness of sunscreen application quickly fall under that it is recommended to note the instructions on the packaging.

6. Apply often. Chemicals and sunscreen break down in the sun, wash and rub off on towels and clothing.

7. Use clothing and hats. One study found that reducing the risk of skin cancer by 52 percent of the parts of the body usually covered by clothing while working in the summer in the open air (Holman et al 1986). EWG believe T-shirts, hats and sunscreen are the best for all. Use UPF50 + swimwear, shirts and hats to assess the effectiveness

8. Made by subtracting the shade umbrella, the site of a picnic spot under the tree, take an umbrella to the beach. Is best to keep infants in the shade because they lack tanning pigments (melanin) to protect their skin

9. Plan on the shade. Unless you really need to schedule your visits in the open air to avoid the sun at midday. Peaks of ultraviolet radiation in the middle of the day, when the sun is directly overhead.

10. Sunglasses are necessary. This is not just fashion, but an extension is necessary to keep the eyes from ultraviolet radiation, which is the cause of cataracts.

Skin cancer, the deadliest skin cancer, is on the rise. In the United States in 2010, an estimated 68,130 new cases of invasive cancer and 46770 of skin cancer at the site. In the same year, it was predicted that 8,700 people die from this malignancy. Skin cancer is treatable if detected early and can be removed surgically. When the spread of skin cancer in the lymph node (s) or when more than 4 mm, and there is an opportunity to metastases (spread to distant organs). Skin cancer can spread to the following organs: lung, liver, brain, bone, intestines, pancreas, adrenal gland, kidney, spleen, heart and thyroid gland. This can be done such as CT scans and magnetic resonance pet brain to look for cancer cells. Most patients with metastatic melanoma die within one year. Rate of survival over 2 years only 10-20%. Current treatments include chemotherapy, dacarbazine, which is the most common. Over the past decades, has been tested many drugs and vaccines, with no success. Has agreed to the drug Interleukin-2 in 1998, but so toxic that doctors are rarely used at present.

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