Monday, October 3, 2011

Phoenix Bird Tattoo

Phoenix bird tattoo art is a legendary bird that was normally found in countries such as Egypt, China and Greece. Phoenix gets the name from the Greek culture where the word "red" was extracted and used to color the fire.

It is also believed that the phoenix lived for more than 500 years old, and they can fly long distances. Phoenix became a symbol of eternal life and resurrection.

Made of phoenix tattoo has a significant impact and they do not have a profound meaning in people's lives. Some people get a tattoo art phoenix do in order to preserve the history of the birds alive, they usually get a tattoo or grass fire.

This art has different meanings in different cultures. Phoenix represents the grace and virtue, according to the Chinese, Indians, according to North America and the phoenix is ​​a bird's beak of the Thunder-fire which is said to lighting phoenix flash.Flaming flying in the blue sky.

According to the Christians in the beauty and the resurrection of Christ and the
Japanese, it is considered a symbol of justice and loyalty.

In the past was not only used to represent as a tattoo, but the Romans used on the coins, which guaranteed the existence of their empire.

Art phoenix tattoo is a typically feminine characteristics, where each part of the body defines a specific meaning. Goodness, kindness and some aspects of well-known beauty.

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