Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tia Mowry

It's official, reports U.S. Weekly that Tia Murray, the star of hit BET series "The Game" and actor husband Cory Hardrict welcomed his son on Tuesday in Los Angeles. Finally, celebrities are doing it "right way" to change - you know, marriage, and the transfer of the child. No offense Nia Long and Lauren Hill (clears throat). Did not have a representative to confirm a name, but did not confirm that her child is beautiful and weight of 8 pounds in the beating. I must say, though Tia seems to be more traditional girl when it comes to things like marriage and family and children, it would not surprise me if her hubby took part in the Hollywood fad crazy baby names. It's always fun to listen to the names of these people create.

Earlier this month, the actress a chance to celebrate before the birth of her son's baby shower in her speech, "Sister, Sister" co-star and real life twin, Tamera, as well as her "game" co-stars. "Tia looked very happy and wonderful celebration of her shower. He was very excited about how things show it," said a source from the party. Released a joint statement the couple said: "We are very excited both to become parents. We want this a long time!"

After Tia Twin Tamira sister tied the knot on the Fox News Channel Housley Adam reporter March and their families welcome now a new addition, and I find it no coincidence that the sisters reunited on screen again this summer in the display style for the original network, "Tia & Tamera." Check local listings and be sure to catch the "handful Mori," as they appear for the first time on the pattern, Aug. 10.

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