Friday, October 7, 2011


They would like the author really screwed Chetan Bhagat to write some episodes. We would like at least be looking at more than just a picnic does not end with wordy rut in the world of bodies toned bikini. These include the main ladies Kangna Ranaut and hit Lisa Haydon.

In fact, this film looks like one long excuse to allow the camera to wink in the semi-nude female figures in Thailand and Bangkok. And laughter, and if it was intended than ever, is completely accidental.

And masks in the "villains" are very old, taste, and situational comedy devoid of

any kind of originality or freshness, I wonder if David Dhawan he has just made this unfunny comedy to please his friends who play key roles in the film.

And also Chetan Bhagat, Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgan for the pork to their hearts content. "Is not their fault. It needs for one hour. Make that two hours. Painfully long two hours of gags and skits, adding fun little so as not to feel cheerful.

Kangna Ranaut is the funniest thing in the film. It is not intended in any way.

But nothing matches even nature of the insult and vulgar dialogues. At one point or Chetan Bhagat (hard to say which one speaks, as they're shouting constantly, and one province to the bottom of another) look at a man with dark skin and comment: "How this Gulab Jamun black get rashogolla white for her daughter?"

Go get a laugh, and Mr. Dhawan. And operation of a prolific director and clearly savvy tricks to make the work Tom and Jerry more. And really, not Anil Kapoor, Govinda in "Deewana Mastana", Salman, Govinda in "Partner" in the sniping and snarling, so much better.

Unfurnished movie with the jokes unfunny scary that offend every society including, of course, the community film current, which is expected to laugh in a scene where Sanjay Dutt puts on lingerie woman unconscious on the question: "Why is it so much easier dressing for women and put it on? "

Indeed, Mr. Sanjay Chhel, what I was thinking when I wrote these lines embarrassing taken directly from the wall of your toilet?

Any silver linings? Yes, Arjun Rampal. He was so cool and control, you're wondering what to do in such a cool comedy rudderless. And the poor Hatn Paintal. Actor stuck with a big comic timing, from among the representatives who seem to be totally out of rhythm. Is reduced to being a sidekick Hatn Sanjay Dutt.

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